Congratulations to mayhem. on winning UK19


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Congratulations to mayhem on winning uk19.
The following Premium point prizes have been awarded.

#1 johnboy-15 1000pp

#2 vizzy 750pp #3 Goodwins 500pp

In addition, all members of the winning tribe received 300pp

1. johnboy-15
2. vizzy
3. Goodwins
4. caz1234
5. Legendary Jet
6. andyh370
7. Exodus
8. the ferret
10. PrObLeM cHiLd
11. Black Demon
12. the wraith
13. whitealchemist
14. omelix
15. Volkan
16. jaketomsett
17. Penguins-Wetsuit
18. twotonecanary
19. willtopps
20. Incursio
21. ***666***
22. Mattie2171
23. spidge
24. Darting Warrior
25. Baldred
26. Louloup
27. L.Hernani
28. carsberg
29. Shoeless Dan
30. DancingDevil



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Congrats, I must admit I don't recognise most of those names. It's nice to see a few of the players I led still around though!


Eight players originally in Alpha by my reckoning.

Thoroughly enjoyed my first tribe world win as my last TW experience before retirement.

I had a blast, well done all.


The most fun I ever had on a world was with the guys in mayhem