Congratulations to W.A.R. on winning UK14


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Congratulations to W.A.R. on winning UK14

Congratulations to W.A.R. on winning uk14.
The following Premium point prizes will be awarded.

#1 Nom Nom Nom 1000 pp
Lakadaem 750pp #3 tsangari 500pp

In addition, all members of the winning tribe receive 300pp each:

  • A Bit Tropical
  • Ancellus
  • Assassin222 (
  • Castiel
  • Celestial1
  • crankypants
  • Daenerys
  • Danny-Lyx
  • Eagle Dad
  • flash09
  • gl10
  • henns2000
  • HodgyBadger
  • iceking
  • Lakadaem
  • LizardMoon
  • Lord English soil
  • Lord Shark69
  • mark4744
  • Nom Nom Nom
  • Noobster
  • psychomaths
  • Radzeer
  • rampart
  • Raver1
  • Schwazer adler
  • spidge
  • stevelew
  • Strepman
  • SubZero21
  • The Bishop
  • theriddler
  • ThunderBritches
  • Tolly1066
  • tsangari
  • WeThreeKings
  • yeti493

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strep sucks so much dunno how he managed to hop on this bandwagon :D

on a serious note, congrats peeps, i hear twas quiet a classy win.


Better late than never I suppose.

Congratulations guys, I followed your progress from a distance with interest after I left and you certainly finished the world in in style so very well done on a great win to all concerned.