Congratulations W1N...Goodbye from me!


So... After just over 3 years, W1 has ended! In June 2009, Steensy, John Murray, Estoyloco and me were discussing the potential of playing on the UK's first ever server as a small group of .net players who ran LEGION on W18.... That seems like a lifetime ago now! With the group of players we had, we always knew that we were in for a chance of leading the world at one point, but we never could have imagined the domination that W1N would end up having on World 1. W1N took top spot within the 2nd week and we held onto it until the day the world ended! Though all 3 leaders would eventually leave me, they were replaced with other great players who helped lead W1N into victory!

For the success of W1N I have to thank every player who ever put their time into playing for us. However additional thanks has to go to the players who stuck it out until the end, Hakushaku from day 1 with me!

But of course, special thanks has to go to the council; my Co-Duke Dandare, who spent endless hours with me planning and debating the direction and future of W1N. My barons, Webby (Haps and Webby), Chris Miles, Reef (who left just before the end) and Dain, who kept all of the various squads under control and ensured that things ran smoothly as my time became limited within the game towards the end. Well done W1N, we got what I honestly feel we deserved!

What is next? For me, Im taking a long break from this game. 3 Years running a top ranked tribe took a lot out of me, at times it was fun but also at times it was just plain hard work!! Keeping great offensive minded players like Cody is a full time job lol!! But i wish all members of W1N the best of luck in their TW adventures in the future!

Thanks to all in W1N who had a laugh with me and made the tribe great, if i went on to thank and mentioned you all by name then id be here all night, so to all of you! THANK YOU!

Its been a blast! Ciao UK1!!

Luke Bishop (Proud Founder and Leader of W1N)
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Well done Luke.

W1 is/was still the best world so far on the UK server and it was some achievement to maintain that lead from week 2.

A few of us learnt some harsh lessons coming up against your members but it also made us better players as we learnt from the tactics used against us.

Good luck and enjoy your well earned break.


so im high maintenance Luke ? lol we got there in the end lads


so im high maintenance Luke ? lol we got there in the end lads
I'm just guessing you were absolutely high maintenance lol
You and I had some minor meetings but I always thought you were a funny bloody self opinionated person,at times non likeable but underneath it all a nice man. I especially want to wish you well and your beautiful children all the very best of health,luck and hapiness.
Cody your a star always been contraversal (scuse spelilng) but I liked that. Seriously I wish you and yours the very best of everything xxx


so im high maintenance Luke ? lol we got there in the end lads
agreed mate. It was a hard slog at times - hell at the end of last year i basically took 2 months off as it was getting too much like a chore.

but there is a sense of achievement to be gained in finishing a world *nods*. glad i've done it. Like luke i'll more than likely take a break. I may be on some future world (hell, may even get back to a bit of those sig making times) but never with such a time commitment.

to be honest part of that is also that, for this old hand anyways, i dont really like the way TW is heading. 3 years ago there werent all these premmy features and 'assistants' around. The influx of co-play accounts is also not to my taste. It was just all a lot more 'raw' and man to man (or woman) when i was a lad :icon_wink:.

No need to de-rail this thread though. A lot of people have come and gone in the past 3 years so well done all (both past and present) in making UK1 so enjoyable!


Congratulations to Luke and all of W1N! Having won a world far smaller and in a third of the time W1 took, and seeing the boredom that set in there, its some feat you guys have achieved to keep going for three years. Comfortably the UK servers biggest achievement.

W1N are a tribe that played the game in the right way in my opinion. Always enjoyed mailing W1N members in the few skirmishes we had with them, guaranteed an interesting conversation! My musings with Stutzy in particular will live long in my TW memory! W1 for sure holds good memories for a lot of players id imagine, it certainly does for me. Its the world that got me hooked on this blasted game.....

Chris - without wanting to assist in derailing this thread, I agree with you about the way TW is heading. However, if you guys were to ever venture onto another UK server in some form in the future, we would be there. Us old KnK lot would be more than up for it ;-)

Anyways, congratulations once again, enjoy not having to be slave to a game any more!

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My goodbye mail.......

gypsyvixcent Jun 25,2012 15:56
Dear W1N

Where do I begin?

I for one won't be ashamed to confess, when I can't log in to W1 I'm gonna blub. Its been an absolute privelage to have played a game with the best.

I joined W1N a little over 2 years ago. I must confess, I know certain members of the council didn't want me, so I felt I had to prove my worth. I hope I became a worthy member to uphold the W1N badge.

I guess I was destined to stumble into this camp. I watched my friends getting attacked around me and couldn't understand why I wasn't. Turns out Abdo and Cody told people to leave me alone. Cody, I owe you so much. Even though you've been on and off my friends list more than a prostitutes knickers, you've looked out for me. Dandare, I always come to you to confess my cock ups. Thank you both xx

Tribal Wars is far more than just a game. The whole thing is so addictive because of the friendships and relationships you build up with those around you. This is the only "game" that has ever made me cry, laugh till I've puked, fall in love, hate and lose so much sleep over. Thats not caused by building troops, but by the players of those accounts. That I can't just cut off....... you don't get that in monopoly or cluedo either!

I've seen so many people come and go, including Tickle who passed away 2 days after I ribbed him for making another birthday. But through all the comings and goings, one name crops up Luke Bishop. I think I speak on behalf of YOUR tribe, when I say a sincere and heartfelt thank you.

So many memories, ALA, The Map Room,............. etc etc.

You have ruined TW for me, cos every other tribe will seem pants in comparison.

Love you all

Diane xx