Cringiest TW memories

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Cringiest TW memories

So the title gives the thread away, and it's pretty simple. Anyone have any cringe recollections we can all laugh at (and maybe relate to lol)?

Having been fairly young (around 12-13) when I was introduced to TW, I can think of a few. At one point, I had created a generic recruitment letter (because it was all about 'mass-recruiting' in the early days ;)) to convince players that my tribe was the one to join. And this is how it went:

"Dear [player][/player],

My name is [player][/player] and I have been in this game for a long time now. I currently play on World X. Since you are situated near our members, I have agreed to recruit players like you. I have checked TW Stats recently and you have a good growth- you are quite active. To get straight to the point, I would like you to be a part of my tribe. I will recruit many active players like you in the future, some near you and some in other "close" places. Please think about this as soon as possible.

Best Wishes,

In retrospect, it's so bad that I dread to think what others thought haha. And it stinks of bs. But it did get me members (and spies), so job well done :p