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Sb blocked me in game for talking too much sense, will have to post here.
IBF are giving a lot of chat, so lets look at some numbers:

Total war stats vs IBF:
Rank - Name - Conquered - Lost - ODA - ODD
1 SLAP! 145 93 23.420.920 17.955.936
2 IBF 93 145 12.460.988 34.583.507
+52 for SLAP!.

"But the war stats will be skewed because SLAP! already rimmed IBF in start-up" I hear you say...
Well lets look at 2017 stats only:
Rank - Name - Conquered - Lost - ODA - ODD
1 SLAP! 95 30 14.001.579 10.331.606
2 IBF 30 95 6.886.905 20.149.609
+65 for SLAP!.

gg wp gn


Nice to see IBF using pp to up walls a day after they get op'd -_- Please give SLAP a challenge.


nothing could have happened mate as ibf must be hiding under a rock

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And in other News IBF Leadership Disband and quit the world.

guess they didn't want to get rimmed for a 2nd time. wonder what happened to the statement "win with friends or die with friends" that simon made on these forums lol.