Daily Awards Record


Since Ska has stopped updating I'm remaking the thread.

Attacker of the Day : GIXxer 20.03.2012 (467.495 units)!

Defender of the Day : Refuse to Recognize 26.01.2012 (1.229.095 units)!

Looter of the Day : Steverob 08.03.2012 (64.645.942 resources)!

Plunderer of the Day : gals11 01.03.2012 (31.361 villages)!

Great Power of the Day : M.C.M. 10.02.2012 (18 villages)!

Update as needed below.
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Ok have made this a sticky and will clean up the thread as we go along so if you wish to discuss a Daily Award (share your pain/joy/dismay/mirth/flicky hair then please start a discussion thread.

Also having had to edit the first post note this is a sticky so is not ok to make little digs at one another so again use the discussion thread if one has been made.