Dirty players - Marvel


no the fact is i openly tell everyone who i am and everyone knows who i am under this alias

you on the other hand are hiding behind 4 posts on your account

but yet to tell anybody who you are

Got his arse :D
Rep for this good laugh :)


Everyone knows? I didn't know and find it hilarious how someone would think they can take on real players if they get nobled by a barb ;) On reflection though that's not what that post shows, it shows literally just how many people despise sir cornish. In regards to marvel being dirty who cares? deal with it, learn from it. This game has been full of sir cornish, I mean dirt, apologies auto correct, for years.

Just want to say that the autocorrect joke sucked so much ass
and it was a barbed controlled my someone from the tw team.

I am on phone and can't see how many posts you got but let's not increase the number, just keep licking ass.

Maggie Wallis

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I presume Visser was simply highlighting the ridiculous amount of tiny barbs munched by Marvel compared to the tiny amount munched by Alpha...
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That's all that matters. Y'all can't keep up with a solo account (and Tedd occasionally).

edit: I know thats a contradiction but asking a once active co to help when you are busy is acceptable


If we hadn't stopped logging in we would be r2 now I reckon, cause marvel ran out of accounts

I am Shifty

Yeah easily, half asses effort still gives you a 100k lead :icon_redface:
Rob will catch up now I think though.


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Didnt realise you were still alive CF, I know ireland can be a dangerous place