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CF: You ready to be interviewed Oh speical one?

Luca Fioretti: (think)
Luca Fioretti: you gonna make me a sandwich at the end right?

CF: Possibly ;)
CF: okay lets start

Luca Fioretti: excellent

CF: Tell us a little about yourself, any personal information you’d like to share with us? What if any other hobbies do you partake in?

Luca Fioretti: Well I'm half Italian as my name should show and half English, however perfectly bilingual despite growing up in Italy, although now in England for uni, i am a hard-core A.S. Roma fan, so if you want to attack me, when they are playing is the best time ;) so yeah i love football, im pretty good at windsurfing too and enjoy any sport really

CF: So Luca TW is a very addictive game, but tell me when did you start playing and how did you discover Tribal wars?

Luca Fioretti: Well i was pretending to study for my exams back in November 2009 and basically any game was an acceptable excuse to procrastinate... so i stumbled upon TW, and well i got lucky, made it through start up and from that point on unable to leave it!

CF: Lol, well as you say its a very hard game to leave. What is it that makes you stay? What do you love about this game?

Luca Fioretti: I like both the social aspect, (forums and skype) but also, probably a lot more than others, the attacking, defending and leading aspect of the game, sending in nukes after nukes, nobles after nobles, and leading a group of people with a common goal to victory, the satisfaction you get is pretty good, of course being good at it makes it a lot more fun ]:)

CF: Hmm, well what in your opinion are the down sides to this game? What do you dislike?

Luca Fioretti: hard to say, well i dont like the people who annoy me ingame, like all those people who ask you why they are being attacked or people in the tribe who refuse to help or participate, i dont really like the fact that farming is so essential to doing well, especially late game nobles become annoyingly expensive,
Luca Fioretti: oh and i hate people who disappear without saying anything and just abandon their account,

CF: All valid points, Who is the best leader and player you have played with during your time on TW?

Luca Fioretti: well best leader i would say talon without doubt, not afraid to shout in someone's face, but most of all like the mentality, the offensive approach he has to the game and to leading, which he then tries to pass on to all his members and which ultimately he passed on to me and its that mentality which wins you wars and worlds, i owe him most of my stlye of play, as for best player well my co for w6 and w8 and tribemate on w4, mike, awesome at everything, it's a pleasure playing with him as a co and as a tribemate

CF: Is there any particular TW experience that stands out in your memory? Good or bad

Luca Fioretti: well probably the 2 weeks when i was taken out on w3 by Egg, was my first experience against top players and I was without any support lol, and their op and the whole experience of being opped is one which stands out, all their perfect timings, me having to learn how to snipe, renoble, i was never taught anything much, and despite ultimately being nobled up it was damn fun and taught me a lot

CF: Lol, Time for a bit of a random question, If you could choose celebrities to be on your council who would they be? Max 4

Luca Fioretti: justin bieber, the pope, gheddafi and george bush...i think that would be an interesting mix (chuckle)

CF: Wow Luca creative :p ...What are your views on co-playing? It seems to be a hot topic of discussion atm

Luca Fioretti: I think I've been quite clear about my views on co-playing on the externals lol, allowing coplaying despite being counterintuitive as a concept evens the playing field, so no reason why it should be outlawed, plus its something which helps create bonds between players and makes playing a lot more fun and less of an impact on rl

CF: Finally, How do you see w4 panning out? Who will win the world? PLease give a reason...

Luca Fioretti: I see =FATE= winning (devil) mainly cause I'm not quitting till we rule this world and I know there a few others who think it exactly like me, and even if everyone else does quit...I'll carry on alone, and there is not stopping me...except when Roma is playing :D

CF: Lol, well Luca thanks for the interview. Its been a pleasure speaking to you.

Luca Fioretti: thank you cf...so where's my sandwich? :p

CF: what would you like on this sandwich?

Luca Fioretti: hmmmm mozzarella and salame (mm)

Great interview.

Must get Roma fixture list. :lol:
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We had better make use of what few games they have left then!! :p

Great interview :)


CF and Luca fail at communicating directly -_-

& I support Liverpool :icon_twisted:



CF: Well, to start it off tell me a bit about yourself, any personal info or hobbies you'd like to share?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: My name's Shane, named after the cowboy in the film with the same name. I think my Mother had a liking for the actor or something. Grew up in England, moved to Ireland in '95. Lived in Cork first before moving up to Galway. My family all live in or are from Co.Limerick hence the link to my biggest hobby - Munster rugby. I live and breath Munster, season ticket holder, go to all home games and as many away matches as possible. Less since the recession here started to bite. Used to play a bit of rugby at Amateur level but knees are shot now and wont hold up. Other hobbies would include playingPoker both live and on-line and of course TW. Somewhere in the middle of that is family life. I have a fantastic wife and a teenage son. I should have used paragraphs shouldn't I

CF: Hmm paragraphs might be good, so tell me how did you find this addictive game? and when did you first start playing?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: During the spring/summer of 09 I saw a google ad for TW on the Munster rugby forum (you see I will always bring the conversation around to rugby where I can) I'm a member for. Clicked the link and joined W1 pretty early on. I was hooked within a few days.
Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: Joined SWARM pretty early on and we did ok there for a while. Ended up on the council and also set up the tribe on W2. Was a pretty steep learning curve for most of us as it was pretty much all the councils first ever world. Lots of mistakes made but lots learned too.

In the end burnt out and I quit the game on both worlds at the same time. Learny my lesson, recharged the batteries came back on just the one world here. Joined this world April of last year

CF: What made you come back? What is it you love about Tribal Wars?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: My Brother in law (yep, I hooked him on the game too) was playing on W2 and asked me to take over an a/c in his tribe till they could internal it so I did. I guess the bug bit me again and I decided to start on W4 and see where it took me.

I love the game. I like the tribal aspect of it and the psychology involved in getting all the personalities working together for the tribe.

I love organising op's. I'm currently working on some new creative ideas for the next op. I like to keep the enemy guessing.

CF: Lol, I'll look forward to seeing that Op. Is there anything you dislike about TW?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: All you need to do is tell me your in game name and I'll organise one on you if we are close enough. lol

Lots I dislike about the game. I hate getting up early in the morning to send attacks. Like my bed too much.

I really hate those who hide in the tribe. They try to use the tribe for protection and do nothing, no sending attacks, support etc. I have no time for them at all. I will try and help them early on and show them what to do because I do understand it may be confusing, daunting early on but if I don't see the effort it drives me potty.

CF: I understand :p...Who is the best leader you have played under? Also who is the best player you've played with?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: This is a hard question. First leader on W1 was in SWARM - JTEE. He taught me an awful lot before RL caught up with him and he had to quit. I wonder how things might have progressed on that world for SWARM if he had manged to carry on playing. So for the teaching of the basics and generally encouraging players he would be best.

My BIL (PeterDGreat1) took over the reins in SWARM on W1 and W2. Many admirable qualities. Great diplomat, fierce protector of the little guy and totally commited to the game. Has been known to be online over 24 hours straight and he has no co-player. So for work ethic he wins hands down. However he has quit due to burn out so maybe the work ethic was too hectic.

Currently in WET we have the two reds leading from the front. They are a great double team. The duchess - redleg and the fierce REDFELLA. They work so well in tandem. Good cop/bad cop, lead from the front, encourage, cajole and demand when neccesary. Due to the success (yes I class being in the top 2 as some success so far) they are having so far on this world I have to give the award jointly to them both.

CF: Who is the best and most enjoyable player you have played against?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: Best I played against was T3RR0R on W2 for the brief while I was there. I suspect I will come up against better players further along in this world and possibly soon. Who knows? Most enjoyable player I played against was Lord Dan Win. I was kicking the doo doo out of him and he was so polite about it I spent most of my evenong laughing my head off at the convos we were having.

Did I mention Paul O'Connell - Munster capt.? No? I actually reckon he may well have been the best player I played against, except I haven't. See I told you I'd bring it back to rugby

CF: Lol, I wouldn't like to play against Paul O'Connel. What is your most memorable moment on w4 so far?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: Xmas break. The few days peace was fantastic. No seriously the most memorable moment was when Ade commended me for the timing of my attacks against a player he was sitting (apparently) at the time. Maybe he was spoofing but seeing as he was far more likely to flame on the externals I was pretty chuffed about that.

CF: Ah Ade my good old friend(I probably shouldn't say that out loud), seeing as you suggested a possible question ill use it for you,what person has influenced you the most?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: I presume you mean in RL?

CF: Well if someone in TW inspires/influences you let me know :D

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: I think my biggest influence would probably have been Dennis Taylor. 1985 World Snooker Championship against the King of snooker Steve Davis. Steve is winning 10-0. Dennis fights back to win in that epic final frame that everyone has seen. I was only 11 at the time. Allowed to stay up way past my bedtime and the whole drama and tension stayed with me for a long time. It also taught me to never give up.

In more recent times an inspiration for me was the late Stuart Mangan. here is a link to his life story : http://www.stuartmangan.org/smangan/default.asp?contentID=3 May he RIP

You fallen asleep?

CF: Nope internet broke :p

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: ok. lol. You like me on one of those crappy dongles?

CF: Well Z~P have declared on =FATE= whats your views on that?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: Naturally as a member of WET I am delighted by the news. They are long term allies of ours from even before I was a member WET and so to be honest it was expected and I would suspect it wasn't much of a shock for =FATE= either.

CF: No it wasnt really a surprise, Finally Shane, how do you see the future of w4 panning out?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: Hard to tell. I think both sides of the world war (which if we are honest it pretty much is) have had issues with inactivity although we are fairly efficent at this stage in dealing with these I do feel that one way or the other it may come down to which side suffers down the line from one of their BIG stars going inactive, quitting etc. I'd like to think that WET will win out but I have to admit it's so evenly poised at this point in time that I could see this playing out for quite a while yet.

Was that diplomatic enough?

CF: Perfect

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: I forgot to add G"WAN MUNSTER!!!!!!!!!!

CF: One last question, If you could pick any animal to be for one day what would you pick and why?

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: A stag. Once again. G'WAN MUNSTER!!!!!

CF: Lol, well its been nice talking to you Shane. My name is Shane too btw :D

Shane a.k.a shaneyboycian: Likewise Shane. Still need to find out your TW name though.

ooooo CF is that still meant to be a secret....?
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This is why you shouldn't tell woman things :p

Oh Laura <3


T'was a good read. Didn't learn any of shane's weaknesses... apart from time of Munster games :icon_twisted:


T'was a good read. Didn't learn any of shane's weaknesses... apart from time of Munster games :icon_twisted:
I have 37 co-players, 3 I-phones, 7 pad thingies and a partridge in a pear tree.

Luckily the BIL isn't a Munster fan.


I have 37 co-players, 3 I-phones, 7 pad thingies and a partridge in a pear tree.

Luckily the BIL isn't a Munster fan.
That's easy. I'll just send now then 'cos you'll all be fighting to get on and kicking each other off. :icon_cool:


There are plenty more interviews guys, if you would like a question used please pm me on the forums :)


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