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I'm playing normally on Switzerland and German Servers. We are allowed to use there a Programm called DS Workbench.
It's mostly used to plan OP. You'll see that in the screenshots. You could also do something like a Farmassistant and a RessourceManager, but they are too old to use...The Programm is older than the FarmAssistant and the RessourceManager which you find ingame, so they like useless since TW added them ingame. The Attackplanner is like the Mass Attack Planner from http://www.fxutility.net/massap_eng.php but i may more handy (in my opinion). More in the screenshots. I can also work with the Map inside the Workbench. Like color different tribes and players and stuff like this, and add symbols which villages need ressources, troops, nobles and stuff like this. Not very useful (you can do it ingame as well with groups etc), but yeah you can do it. On the first Screenshot you'll see the different tools and a short description added from me. the things that i crossed are like searching tools, clock, screenshot, traveltime calculator and other useless stuff. The following screenshots are from the op planner, where you can see step by step what i have to do for the planning. So my question: I am allowed to use the workbench for planning attacks?

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