Economy and basics, Concept



Economy and Basics, concept

Ok for more intermediate stuff check out my other guide. This one is for brand new players. Ill attempt to explain why you do things, not just what to do.
Ive always found being told what to do pointless, however learning why you do it makes you know what your doing and how to change and move away from linear methods to achieve goals is the best way.

Apologies for poor gramma, wording and length, what did you expect from a d1 thread anyway ;)


Whats this game about and how do i win.?

On a simple scale, your goal is to join a team(tribe) and make your team destroy or outlast ever other team, its that simple.
Everyone starts with a village, the only advantage people physically have at the start is how long they have been playing on the world you are playing, but this becomes less important after each passing week.

So your first village you start with.
A weak economy
No army
No means to make a army
No means to expand to more villages.
No means to do just about anything.

Your primary goal in tribal wars on a player level and a tribe level, is to produce a fast as possible expansion with a solid integral strength, ie there no point getting 100 villages if they are weak villages and have no means to fend off other people.

The best way to get improvement and expansion in most games including tribal wars is to get a strong economy and protect it.

So as your clean slate is given to you in the name of one village, and you have been granted with a nice protective bubble to protect yourself at the very start, your goal is economy.

Now there are various build orders/non build orders/troop investment/building investment strategies, (which i will cover) but its important you understand that economy and later the means to protect your economy are vital part of tribal wars all throughout the early stages, and to some extent all the way through the game.


A economy in tribal wars terms is basically the influx of wood clay and iron into any of your villages.

Resources are required for everything, building/troops/expansion.
they are acquired by a combination of 3 methods.

The 1st method (resources production buildings) this is used in every villages of every size to some extent. Its usually more important in later stages of a village (5000 points and up), but can be invested in at any stage.

The 2nd method (taking resources from others) or in tw language "farming"
this is usually everyones used method in the early stages and for some people all the way till the end of the game, the reason being is if done properly will supply the most resources consistently throughout the game by far.

The 3rd method (trading) this is used most at key stages in startup, and can be of great benefit, if you can find the resource you are in most need off and trade it off for one you have ample or excess of, this can help you, many a time other methods get in balanced resources depending what your building, trading helps nullify that problem and perhaps turn in multiplied benefit.

Now method 3 is primarily used for balancing resources, and as with all trading you need to have something to offer.

so to even begin we are gunna focus on method one and two.

Method 1 Production buildings
Constant guaranteed production
Not activity or efficiency reliant
Not troop reliant
No effort required
Slow generation of resources

Method 2 farming
Activity and efficiency reliant
Must have troops
Must be driven to do it
Ridiculously high generation in comparison.

As you can see weighing up the strengths and weakness's for both its plane to see the key feature.
For the purpose of this guide(and i hope it rings true) you are a active, driven player.

As our main goal is to acquire the most powerful economy then only method 2 will suffice.

Ill take myself, as i am writing this, as a example. I have 600 lc, lets say i send them out in groups so i get full hauls and they go on a 2 hour round trip.

600 lc *80 (the amount they haul) = 48 000 resourses total/3 (for wood/iron/clay) and we are taking for that farming run 16 000 of each resource.
which is 8000 resources per hour.

So method 2 = in this example 8000 res per hour.

Method 1 = the maximum you can achieve is 2400

Now without even getting into how much longer it takes to upgrade your resources to acquire 2400 a hour.

And considering whilst i only have 600 now, when finished ill have around 3000. (meaning even if we take into account the longer round trip, we are still talking 50,000+ resources per hour!!!!!!

Now presuming you were not as active then investing slightly in resource production at certain stages has its benefits. But farming is always the best method and will fulfill the strong economy criteria better than method 1 every time.

Even lower activity farming trumps full on resources production only.

Now providing you farm well you will have a strong economy.

(troops) what role do they fill?

Troops are a massively important part of the game, in fact the only reason we wish to expand our empire is to attain more of them.
Please note troops can have various different roles you get:

Farming troops
Light cavalry (lc) (fast moving great haul high attack)
Heavy cavalry (HC) (fast moving great haul high attack, but with a costly extra 2 population required)
Spear men (sp) (great haul, much slower and low attack)

Defense troops
Archers (ar) (very sturdy especially to axe's, but a weakness to ma, long recruit time and expensive)
Swords (sw) (solid troop, strong against axes, weak to cav, average recruit time)
Spear men (sp) (strong against cav, weak to axe, fast recruitment)
Heavy cavalry (HC) strong against axe, weak to cav, good recruit speed if used along side infantry)

Offense troops
Axe men (axe) (best attack in the game per farm space, strong against spears)
Light cavalry (lc) (good attack and speed,strong vs sword and HC,fast recruit in conjunction with axe)
Mounted archers (ma) (ok attack and speed, very good vs archers)
Heavy cavalry (HC) (ok attack and speed, good vs swords and HC, good recruit speed in conjunction with axes)
Rams (ram) (essential in all serious attacks, negates wall effect and upon victory will destroy a village wall to a extent)

What does this all mean?

Well as a economic goal, you want 3000 or so lc farming round the clock. However its not a simple click on your village build stuff to make lc available and make them and them alone.

You must work within your means to get to this finale economic goal.

So you start with a village, you can recruit absolutely nothing, so in fact the already shown most effective way of generating resources (farming) is not available from the off. Not only that, but people have a protective bubble for 5 days at the start.

Which means we must look to alternatives till it becomes viable.

phase one

(see a quests start up)

phase 2

so we have a small farming army, even so it being small, already you will have a edge on guys who are only making resource producing buildings.
From here we have another farming availability option.

If farming is great(barbs are plenty) then you should make more spears up to 105, and send 3 groups of 35 to different barbs.
If farming is more sparse you are going to want to split the spears up further, but we cannot do that and expect spears to survive alone.

So we need to make some swords or axes, and send a few in groups of 20 spears 3-5/sw-axe.
This will allow you to farm more barbs whilst keeping up hauls.

From here we take another leap to get to phase 3 which is to have 70 or so lc. We want to continue to build building required for stables, build these, upgrade it, research lc, and make 70 of them, once you have a level 3 stables and lc researched build nothing else. Only make 50 lc as fast as possible.

phase 3

50 lc (the world is your oyster)
Now providing you have played things well you are now set to take leaps and bounds, you may spy around at your area and think all this precise building and farming hasnt really stepped on any gas compared to any old chump.
But these players dont probably have lc, nor are even close to getting them, and have infact just built any old pretty building.

You are now farming king with this troop, if used correctly you will have massive resources out produce your neighbors steal all there resources, steal resources they wanna steal.

From here you have enough lc to keep lc producing 24/7 and resume building, you should also keep axes pumping out now.
Please note, your goal is to keep the stable going 100% of the time, you will not need to upgrade stable or barracks for some time so don't touch it, just keep it ticking over.

From here building wise, you should level hq to 20-25 (reduce to 20 later if you go further than level 20, level resources if it suites you(but not necessary), bring barracks and stables up as your farming becomes massive and look to going for nobles.

As tester for how well your doing you should look at your troops to points.
at 200 i have 2:1 points to troops
at 400 ill have 1:5 points to troops
at 1000 and up ill have 1:2-1:3 points to troops.

going away from these ratio's and your possibly leveling your stable too high and trying to keep them going 24/7 whist not being able to and sacrificing growth.
Or your not keeping them going 24/7 full stop. Never choose building upgrades over troops.

Using lc effectively

So you have the best farming troops in the game, but this alone will not define you as a good farmer, you need to farm correctly.

If you have less than full hauls, every lc you sent on the trip that pushes your potential haul above your actual haul has wasted it journey.

A common mistake is for people to log on, send all lc at a village and repeat like that, you will waste upwards of 70% of the guys regularly.

what you should do, send 1 lc to every barb and low point player in your area,
You never want less than full hauls.
You never want lc sat in the village, some lc return from a farm, send them out somewhere else immediately before you think about what to build or recruit.
Think of it this way. Every hour a small group of lc farmers is sat at home your losing resources that coulda been arriving home.

You must be efficient in what you do, and if you can be very efficient it pays off, whilst even your better than shocking neighbors are sending there lc army to clear out barb by barb, you are getting full hauls making more lc, to do more farming, to make more lc, to do more farming, etc, etc.

So we have a village capable of fast but constant production of axe's and lc, with your mass of efficiently used lc we have a very strong economy
we have, in pure troop counts, quite a force.
Your lc farm like crazy, your axes can go visit would be rebel farms (players you can, if it applies, clear out troops with your axe and farm.)

You at this stage can do just about whatever you want.
The main feature is you have the economy, and have the means to utilize it.

To appreciate what farming like a champ has achieved for us we have to look at every other "joe bloggs" out there.

So we have fool no 1 (low troops, weak economy,poor village) so he is going to get to academy stage very slowly, probably not even make it before he is destroyed. Presuming he does, he is going to struggle to churn out even 1 noble, and with 1 noble and no troops his choice of targets is very limited.
He will proly take the nearest barb next door to him of 200 points and start another painfully slow and insecure 7 weeks for his next larger sized village.

We have fool no 2 (average troops/average economy/ok village.

Now this is where post people without being taught end up at.
They think they know the game, just cuz they use lc.
They think they are in the driving seat cuz they can outdo fool no 1.
But in fact, sadly so, they are usually the first to be nobled, they don't have the troops that you do so cant go toe to toe, they don't have the eco you do so cant recruit the troops you can nor build the village you can, nor do it half as quick as you.
His attractively sized village in comparison to "fool no1" make him the 1st to go often.
They can survive and often do, but there growth is still sluggish they get 1 new village every few week and cant really hope to blitz tougher enemies.

Then we have you after learning the game properly (large troop count/massive economy and a great village)
Your area are mice in comparison to you due to being farmed or being bled dry by farming their farms.
Not many people in the area can go toe to toe on troops, even players who start ahead of you often lack in comparison.
with your elevated troops, you can take just about any vill you wish, with your inflated economy you can farm to get 4 nobles and take people swiftly, likely vill no 2,3 and so on fall so much faster.
Knowing what you know, applied to every one of your offensive village (purely as they accommodate lc) your success is multiplied every new village you take.

Im no expert at palm reading but id guess people wanna be guy no3 right?

Village expansion and specification.

ok so your first vill you have a troop count of something like this on completion

3000 lc 5000 axe 150 rams 500 scouts
3000 sp/sw/ar approx

The 3000 lc are you eco.
The 4000 axe are to kill off the fighting players around should they emerge.
The rams are to be paired with you axe to minimize loss.
Scouts are farm aids and find weak player your axe can make your farms.
Your 3000 defense is for tribe aid, alone not much use but your players in tribe teaming them up in villages needing them will decimate any aggressors.
(Haven't said much about them, but after your a established powerful economy you should have a small contingency force, for tribe use.)

^This village is a one off!!!!!!!

Every other village from now on will be specified, you will either dub it a offense village/ a defense villages/ and less frequently a scout village.


Quite simply put. Tribal wars troop skirmish's are based on overpowerment.
If you have equal troops when fighting you both sustain heavy losses.
If you have slightly more you will win and have heavy losses
If you have loads more then you will win with minimal damage to your own force.

When we send a attacking wave at a enemy, we wont be sending them off in bits and bats, we will send every thing in the village on one single mission(unlike farming), if we do the prior, we end up with the opponent defense likely outnumbering us heavily, meaning your troops die and he has minimal loss.
If we send everything, not only will we have more chance of wining, but even if we lose, we can give the defender some heavy losses for our troubles.
based on that we will always specify our villages.

A word on further steps...
you have your academy, i will always advice to get 3-4 nobles dependent on settings, a string of a full attack followed by 4 nobles with small number of axes will take a village in a split second, where as with one noble it will take around 5 trips. evidently 1 trip improve your chances of a clean painless take.
You should always go for larger villages, benefit from the other guys work noble up fool no 1 or 2, tis best to avoid larger tribes or established for your first hit, but once we have 5 vills or so there not much that should hinder your village choice.
Most of all have fun and work as a team.
You will be effective magnify the fun and if you can gel and all become relatively skilled?
My god do you have a force to be reckoned with.

Be active, use your time more effectively than others, and and you will find the game much more enjoyable and achieve far greater success.

Credits d1mension/DarkDragon
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Now now, leave the grammar issues alone and focus more on the content of the guide :p

From a skim read it seems good, I'll try and give your guides a proper read through over the weekend d1mension.

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