Erich Hartmann 1v1 Patris Mortem (iSnipe4FuN) - French Server


Okay, so basically, I joined the fr round and I noticed that iSnipe4FuN was on the same round, and in fact right above me so I built up my LC and my spears just in case he was active (although at the time he only had 653 points so I assumed he was inactive).

I then scouted him once he was out of BP:

With that, I guessed he was inactive so I sent an attack to him:

And that was when the fight began :icon_biggrin:.

Then iSnipe4Fun thought he'd try and clear me :lol:.

As you can see, we both had our fair share of good luck and bad luck in our attacks :icon_biggrin:.

iSnipe4Fun back for round two:

More dodging from iSnipe4Fun and more bad luck:

I then realised that I couldn't kill his lc in one full attack, so I decided to send small lc attacks that would probably kill his lc.

iSnipe4Fun attacks again :icon_biggrin:.

Then iSnipe4Fun gets crushed by my spears :icon_biggrin:.

I had about 10 attacks on him, but will only put up the good ones :icon_biggrin:.

Then just when I was building rams to knock his wall down, some random hit me:

Now PM claims he wasn't playing seriously, and tbh I can believe that because his points never really moved...
But it was good fun, and I don't claim to be better than PM, and I never will. I just got lucky I think :D
I don't know if PM did, but I didn't play with any fa or premium. I don't know if that makes a difference either way :D

[13:54:33] Patris|Necro. ♣: erich GG'd me

Cheers PM for some good fun :).

Erich Hartmann


so many reports that dont matter, and there was not much of a fight his LCs basically just died attacking your spears at home, and you said he might have been inactive so you can't claim to have outgrown either. I always enjoy PNPs but i felt like i gained nothing by watching this -.-

someone noob?

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troll of the century in the whole world you dont understand 1% fun so dont post and get away and better and play better and dont spam and shut up and wtf go away forever thanks noob