Experianced NL Player "Playing at night" Searching For Top Account


Hi Every1 ,
I apply myself to be a co player on the World 70 :)
I am normaly a Dutch player who wants some taste of the english servers :)
My englisch isn't the best since i am originaly from belgium but i think its enough to communicate well cause i speak englisch like every day cause i play bo2 competitive with a scottisch team .I also don't use google translate cause i don't need to but my writing skills aren't the best as you would already have seen but i understand 95% of everything soooo its decent enough in my eyes .

To start with my expieriance :

Klik ---> .Guesswho? = Top 15 Acc

Klik ---> Saccha = Used to be Rank 1 then i quited with another player and from then on the account went down hill .

What do you need to Have :

-Top 50 account
-All premium things

MY Times :

15:00-04:00 ;)

Thing i am best in is actually starting an account so from begin to 1Mil .

Skype me : FuzzSean

Gr ,
Sean :)