FAF ask for SWTEA NAP.


All this talk about merges, hugging, animals etc. has got me thinking. How about having a Christmas ceasefire like in WW1? We all meet in no-man's land, exchange little gifts and hugs, play a little footie, abuse each other's pets? How about it? I'm sure all the "good guys" on both sides would be up for it? :icon_biggrin:
That worked well on UK4, but do you really want to give LoL extra time to build even more nukes? They would only then turn it into a huge op and wipe out an entire section of the map :p


lol - well considering that KnK/LoL have had more meetups than probably any other tribe on the server over the past 2-3 years, and have invited other tribes along to the do's too...(with some attendance from enemy tribes), its not too far off a realistic offer...

The only difference possibly though is that a ceasefire isn't a pre-requisite. We've had ops running whilst we've been down the pub before now... though that does tend to get a little messy!

3 months is a long way away in TW terms... we've been taking approx 40-50 villages from FAF per week over the last month. Assuming this rate continues, K45 will be half owned by the southern alliance, and the current FAF will only be a memory...

Perhaps your ironic idea has some distance to it if you put on some rose tinted glasses



That worked well on UK4
Sarcasm much?

That extended ceasefire was not helpful to WZP. Half the players never came back as they enjoyed the break too much.
Imagine what would happen to FaF where morale would already be in pieces after an extended break. Wouldn't be fair to make it that easy on LOL and SWTEA players.:icon_razz:
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+ 10 villages from FAF today for the SWTEAy boys. 12 total but 2 retakes.

good work guys.


World should be done by christmas at this rate..

I officially declare this the "mop up"



Dammit - to I have to get my Mrs Mop gear on again?

I'd look so much better in Jimmy Choos..

FWIW - The Russian has been polite in my PM's with him in game - although his insistence on shortbread, bread pudding and white russians for his troops is disconcerting.