But i liked how everyone here thought i was telling lies when i said back in the time i had 40k or smth :lol:


Its always a simple equation .. point divided by players ... be great if tw could sort league tables accordingly lol

besides i dont farm much its boring and sad .... sorry if its unusual but it kinda works for me

But you still have four people....


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thier is always gunna be someone/team of co's who are more active or more devoted to mindless farming, skill is far from the word id use to describe some of the peeps at the top, that said would a world with say limited hours per day or actions per day gain any backing??

i say that because quiet franky farming limit worlds just suck as the limit is not even realistically close to what a non active amateur player can achieve, so would be more in favour of a hours limit or actions limit world.

would level the playing field but not drag the world down to a nub heaven perhaps.
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Plunderer (Silver - Level 3)

Plunder resources from other villages 1.000 times.

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5.213 / 10.000
5.213 / 10.000

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Loot a total of 10.000 resources.

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800.099 / 1.000.000


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I didnt say it was but its pointless to keep boasting when the typical good startup players aren't playing


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It isnt our fault that the vast majority of normal players are bad at start up.
Vast majority of all players are bad at everything.

Speed players included.

Its not our fault normal players suck :X
I've certainly never found it difficult to outfarm you on other worlds, am I not a "normal" player?

EDIT: If that seemed to imply that I am struggling to do so here (ie. that I am playing), then no, that's not the case.

It's expected though to outfarm everyone when you have a massively co-played account on a small national server. Same thing happened the last time I played .us, Muldie and I hit 1.8 million res hauled before anyone else had 1 mill.
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I've certainly never found it difficult to outfarm you on other worlds, am I not a "normal" player?
I never said we were better than all normal players :p And you are supposedly one of the best start up players there are, so I dont really mind if you can out farm me.

We dont claim to be the best. It just gets tiering being told that we are only out hauling everyone cos there is noone decent playing, especially when we have never claimed there was.