FIXED: Cheesasaurus' Commands Overview - Display Hauls Script

Discussion in 'Scripts & independent tools' started by Silk Road, Jun 25, 2017.

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    Jan 31, 2015
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    This script does the exact same thing as Nick's script used to do before it broke, except it ain't broke.

    I've commented where I've edited the original code and you'll see it doesn't do anything untoward.

    This script hasn't been maintained in four years, and if I recall correctly hasnt been working for some time, so I've taken the liberty of adding my name and email to it as I am happy to maintain it if it ever breaks again as this is one of my favourite scripts. If you are in contact with Nick and he's not happy with that please do go ahead and revert it to how it was, all I really care about is that it works and is re-approved so everyone can use it again :)

    You can download the .js from my dropbox here: scripts/twcheese_commandHauls.js

    There were two problems with the script.

    1) Due to TW updates, some of the resources the game uses have been renamed. For example, the script would check if the current command it was reading was a returning command as opposed to outgoing by checking the name of the little 5x5 icons on the left of each row on the command list. The names of the icons had changed, I've edited the code to be a little more future proof by checking the the elements attributes instead.

    2) For some reason it was reading the arrival times wrong, which made the "arrival" dates it uses to filter how many resources are coming home by time invalid which threw the exception leading the script to hang on the loading popup.