Forum Competition: Christmas - New Years Limerick

Marcus the Mad

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Hear ye, Hear ye!

Christmas is upon us! The end of the year is nigh!

To kill the time, lets write some poetry, specifically a limerick (click the link if you don't know what it is).

The theme for this limerick has to be related with Christmas or New Year.

Prizes are as follows

1st Prize: 1400PP and a lvl 8 (purple) flag of your choice
2nd Prize: 900PP and a lvl 7 (cyan) of your choice
3rd Prize: 500PP and a lvl 6 (blue) flag of your choice

Only entries in this thread are considered valid.

The entries will be closed the 29th of December at 23:59 GMT.
As per usual the forum rules and regulations are to be followed.
Staff is not permitted to enter.