Forum Competition: Year of the Valentine's pig

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Dear forum dwellers,

Until the 28th of February we'll be having a competition. About love. About the new Lunar year. And pigs.

This is a creative competition and as such the prizes will be distributed over 3 categories.

- Poetry (any format)
- Image (minimum size is signature size)
- Other (within forum regulations and general good conduct, you're otherwise free (video, song, story,...).

The theme is a tad... odd, this time: Valentines, but with a pig.
To give you all the creative leeway we can, that is what you'll have to work with.

In each category there will be 2 prizes:

- 1st Place: 750PP and Purple flag (lvl. 8)
- 2nd Place: 250PP and Cyan flag (lvl. 7)

To enter you must state which category you wish to enter.
One entry per category per person only

Entry thread

Entry will end on the 28th of February at 23:59 GMT. Entries beyond this point will be disqualified.
Voting will last for 1 week as soon as we sort the entries out.

Voting will be public
Staff is not permitted to enter
To receive your prize you must contact me within 2 weeks of announcement of winners. If you are late, you will NOT receive the flag prize.

We hope to see all them tasty porkchops Entries... yes, Entries
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