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Xenforo Account Linking - Update

Hello everyone,

please note the following changes for the Xenforo Account update.

All players who are affected by the Update already received a message, explaining any issues with their account and forwarding them to our Support team.

To ensure privacy and security concerns that might arise, we added another step to the linking process. All affected players will get another forum message in the next days, asking for a confirmation of ownership of their forum accounts.

If the account is not linked via this process, it will be deleted in the coming weeks. Please check your PM folder - the message is planned to be sent out multiple times in the upcoming weeks.

The linking process itself will give you further information about your account in particular, for example, if it has to be renamed or similar issues. Once the process is done, your forum account should be safe and you don't need to confirm it again, should you get another message.

Your Tribal Wars Team