Funny mails


These forums are poo, thats right POO!
I cant even find a funny mails thread to put my.. well funny mail in. So here i made one :)

John the 1
Mar 12,2013 18:52

The village you have now taken, is still in my 7x7. And it was when you sent nobles to take it. So i will ask again why did you break the rules?

Lakadaem Mar 12,2013 18:57
i could ask you the same question with regards to [coord]576|598[/coord]but hey i dont really give a damm, and sugest you dont either.

John the 1
Mar 12,2013 18:58

Are you for real? lmao thats not in your 7x7

John the 1 Mar 12,2013 19:03
Sorry i am actually quite amazed by that comment. Please tell me it was a joke

Lakadaem Mar 12,2013 19:05
go to the villa, put your 7x7 minimap on and move your villa to the edge, you'll find mine is in view...the 7x7 rule.dont start throwing accusations unless you know what you are talking about.

John the 1 Mar 12,2013 19:10
7x7 is done by centering the desired village in the center of the map. What you are referring to is actually 12x12 6 up from a village and all around prooves i am right

John the 1
Mar 12,2013 19:11

Sorry 13x13

Lakadaem Mar 12,2013 19:16
the reason its called 7x7, is because it is 7 villa sizes up 7 down and 7 across in both me, although unlike you i dont have an urgent desire to be proved right, on this occasion i am.

Lakadaem Mar 12,2013 19:18
anyway, regardless of all this chat, nothing here is going to change. so as previously stated, i suggest you move on and get over it.

John the 1
Mar 12,2013 19:20

No i want you to understand this, 7 up 7 down 7 east and 7 west is a 15x15
Hence why if you set your map to 15x15 these are the dimensions
7x7 is 3 up 3 down 3 east and 3 west.What the game gives as 7x7 and the standard map size for non premium accounts And no your right it doesnt change that you broke the rules
Ask nom, ask your council, ask on the externals, ask in our forums in your forums. 7x7 is 3 up 3 down 3 across both directions

Lakadaem Mar 12,2013 19:23
ok, you are boring me now, whether rules have been broken or they haven't i dont care really. its history and my understanding is that due to some protocols put in place today, it is unlikely to happen move on, get over it and use your energy elsewhere.


Would if of been more appropriate with a funny meme or whatever the kids like nowadays?
Im sorry i have failed you :(

PS add your own and put mine to shame!