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Discussion in 'UK 7' started by cranness, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. cranness

    cranness Guest

    as this world is drawing to a close and the externals are becoming a shadow of the past i thought id post a random topic asking what peoples plans after w7 will be.

    move to.net, join a new uk world etc.....etc.....???

    i myself will be waiting for a good uk settings world to come out with no tech.........!!!

  2. chaz55

    chaz55 Guest

    well im all ready playing w11 and w3 seriously plus w7, so once w7 ends, it will mean i will have more time for w3(nearing a end) and w11, probably wont join the next world out, if w11 does not work for me, i might take a break
  3. KWAPablo2

    KWAPablo2 Member

    Feb 24, 2010
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    Will be a break from TW for me! Been playing/leading on TW for well over two years now, so its time for a break. Will definitely be back though ;-)
  4. Mikek

    Mikek Member

    Sep 6, 2009
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    I'll probably give the dedicated approach of playing to win a break for a short while - playing the game non stop for over 2 years takes it out of you... ! I'll be back though, I have no doubt... depends when the rest of the KnK Council / tribe are ready to return

    In the mean time, I may dabble in a speed worlds, practicing start up on .net etc - and not caring too much how long I survive, but developing some extra skills
  5. seamushynes

    seamushynes Guest

    Mike please you are way too skilled as it is and if you develop any more i think that nobody would survive near you :icon_twisted:.

    KWAPablo2 aka paul .... You were my best Duke ever and hope you will be in the future :icon_cool:

    After this world i would to return to world4 and bring a few of my pals with me .

    I did enjoy my time there so why not return, thats if i am wanted that is :icon_eek: .
  6. KWADan-x

    KWADan-x Member

    Apr 1, 2010
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    Im gonna show mike and pablo how to play the game properly. seamus i could teach you too ;)
  7. Lindeking

    Lindeking Guest

    I'm waiting for the next new world on .co.uk, and will move to any server when our great leaaders decide to start KnK again on another server.

    I could never go back to an old world, I left world 4 while leading it, and now my account is gone, I could never take an old account over.
  8. chubbs

    chubbs Guest

    You could come play W6, I could find you a nice account :icon_wink: