Game Over


So we hit the deadline, no attacks can harm anyone, just waiting on it closing, far too many mails going around with teary eyes lol

Il be happy to take a break for a while, but no doubt il be back somwehere doing something naughty as usual.

To those ive spoken to thanks for the laughs and to those im not fond on well no doubt we will cross troops again sometime soon.

So from me to you, take care, be good and enjoy the break


AKA Cody:icon_biggrin:


Had some fun in W1N in the early days as Fallen Angel. Great to see them win. Well done everyone.


Well played all of the mighty W1N tribe. In the end it was very easy. Esp for us up in the north who only had to face lrag. Only thing stopping us taking all their villas was boredom.It was that easy. Glad to see this world finish at last. Its been 3 fun years with everything going to plan. Good luck to anyone who is playing again and hope everyone has a good future ahead of them.



Congrats W1N.

From very early on it was obvious what a solid tribe you had. Congrats and best of luck in wherever life takes you.


would be nice to have the official note at some point. i mean - it's not as if this date wasn't known 30 days ago when the end game kicked in or anything :icon_rolleyes:



Ok am just checking to see when this world will be shut down and if you have a 10 day cooling off period aka UK7 or the sudden lights out method of UK8.

So please do copy and paste any of your forums, save your scripts and any old mails you wish to keep as when the world is closed thats it and you won't be able to access your accs. For premium don't fret as you can join another world and transfer it out etc etc.

Apologies for not being proactive on this request though :icon_redface:

Now as for wining the world I am slightly in awe so huge well dones to all of you and a knock me down with a feather to those of you who made it from start to finish.

W1N in my book by far best tribe on this server and has won the toughest world so I bow to all of you and a special bow to Mr. Bishop who led you to greatness (do you still have hair?!)

Awesome effort and also a little sad to see UK's first server finally end.


so I cant seem to log in now. w1 is not an option. is that really it? kinda expected a mail saying congratulations.


wheres my prize? ps Bishop did nothing for near a year, Dandare needs the pat on the back lol

Lord Guido Von Steghead

Same here logged in ........ or not as case maybe..... nothing no well done , zip.... nowt

joined world 12 to put in mod request , and asked wheres our prizes and even thats a wait lol

bit of a poor show for 3 years.......

on a happy note, cheers all , been a blast .......


After reading the threads starting to get the feeling Delta is having a dig lol!
It was September 2011 when I dropped off from running it on a day to day basis, but by then the tribe was large enough to cope and finish it off! Without the council, Dandare, Webby, Reef and chris Miles (Later stage Dain) we never would have finished it off, I relied on them and because of them all we held it together!


Regardless of politics well done W1n great game and great game playing. Absolutely well done each and everyone of you.


After all your fallings out...

And I'm sure it is more that a year since Luke ran things
and you'd be wrong there dave. just because he wasnt around in the general skype chat doesnt mean he wasnt in the dukes/barons chat and doing stuff on mail. maybe he just didnt want to speak to you! (joke :icon_wink:)


help i have redecorated the whole house, got the garden sorted, even washed the car each week,i walk the dog, taken up golf again but still have it all done by the time East Enders starts please restart world 1