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This is a public service announcement

Dear players and forum dwellers,

Due to the new privacy law (GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation) some things have to change around here as well.
This law covers a lot of areas but for you as the user of this forum and person who's data is to be protected the following are most important:

  • Your personal data (name, date of birth, general area of living etc.) is personal. It is private. If you have shared this information and can't remove it or it has been shared by someone else, let us know! We will remove it for you.
  • Sharing people's names, e-mail etc. is a big no. Only the person themselves can share this information and even then it is preferred this is simply not done.
  • Posting images or copies of skype/discord/IRC or any other personal message system is not allowed under this law!

What does this mean for some recurring popular threads?

  • Introduce yourself threads are allowed, though when you post here it is on your own volition, it's not a must. It is preferred to keep the personal information to a minimum (Don't give your last name or DOB etc).
  • Propaganda threads are allowed, though it is not allowed to publish content from private conversations (this includes group chats).

If you have any question or issues, please do contact us and we'll answer them to the best of our knowledge.
As per usual you can voice your opinion in the feedback thread


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