Goddesses of TW


Ive recently had my views on tw players changed forever, Ive been playing a long time but never have i come across or heard about the TW Goddesses.

But now everything has changed.

Before we had your:

Noob: A idiot with a ego
Newb: New guy
Average: So-so
Top player: Back bone to good tribes
Pro: Has all the attributes you want, plus finesse on how they do things

I thought things ended with the pro, thats what people aspired to be and looked up to as the best per say, however after all this time amongst us are the.......



The embodiment of unrivaled power, as far as this game goes, their is nothing greater.

Women aspire to be them.

Men cower in fear and accept them as their superiors.

These titanic players can out do anyone, size isn't relevant.

Its amazing to discover their existence after so long.

We have the likes of Haphaz, nearly doubling the nearest male competitor.

We have Elvie (Hawk), who has acquired 2 man slaves co players to do the goddess's bidding.

We have Chloe in Mask, who behind the scene commands us all and keeps even my ego under her godlike feet.

We have lonely island, chasing down the ranks, Her godly aurora has made Help! a tribe in contention in w13

And these are just the ones whom i know of!!! or is it rather, ones who have made themselves known (shudders)

A word of warning

With ultimate power comes the bad and the good, should you kneel before the women of tw then you might, might just survive, if your lucky.

But cross them and the bitter end awaits you, beware!

(d1 did not get heavily influence by Elvie to do this,
nor did he even get told to stop talking in group chat till he posted somat,
nor did he have to provide a surprise for Chloe after challenging her,

All of my own accord i swear :icon_rolleyes:)
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This makes me extremely happy. All the women should unite and should lay waste to all the male accounts.

Corrupted Rage

With the Female contenders in W13 it could actually happen.

Goes to show its not just a mans Game, but stay away from my chocolate Yorkies :icon_evil:


We have Elvie (Hawk), who has acquired 2 man slaves co players to do the goddess's bidding.

What do you mean.......(please Elvie....not the cage again!!!!!!......Nooooooooo!!!!)


sounds very good to me men are more evil woman look for the easy way out so bring on the evil :p


I would agree but I'm sure you heard the hell hath no fury like a women scorned, must be some reason for it :*(


You guys don't stand a chance, do you understand that? ;)


Does one have to be good at this game to be a TW Godess?
Legs and Co and David Soul distracted me from my important speach, Ill try again later.


Soop has been on the list a long time :D

Though we waiting on that speech soop :p