Ha well I never thought I'd be posting one of these threads but I guess it catches up with us all eventually!

I have quit TW as my tribemates have known for a while and whilst sad about it it is for all the right reasons. No doubt I'll pop on here occasionally but as a player I have alas hung up my axe above the fireplace, popped my chainmail into the top barn and let Binky into the paddock to enjoy a well earned rest.

In short I have had a lot of fun and that is down to you the community as this is just a clicky game if folks don't mail back...!

So ty!

Now I started on UK3 and to my eternal shame my first ever cap (and I was so pleased too :icon_redface:) was a 500 point barb! Now my 4th cap was some nub called WeekendWarrior (but this was back in the day when TW was a steep learning curve).

I was lucky and was found by a tribe named TFF who took me in and taught me what to click when. I have tried (and failed mostly) to pass that knowledge on to newbies wherever and whenever I have found them.

I have been blessed to have met some extraordinary folk on here. Some of you ty for the laughter and the smiles and for just being superb folk all round. I have been humbled by some of you here sharing your time and your lives with us. UK8 I joined the world knowing no one and left with a lifetime of memories so to all of you friend or foe I thank you . I have seen heartache and I have seen joy. I have lived and breathed and loved this game for so long it seems odd to be typing this post and I will end with this.

For those I rimmed I ty for the good grace and for the cretins well I'd do it again! To the forum warriors learn to live a little and to those who lit up these forums again I ty.

This game is addictive, it has its faults and flaws but it some ways it mirrors life in that you find the best and worst of the human race on here.

Finally to Tracey I am in awe of your dedication to this game and I ty for being a very scary, very sweet and very funny lady and ty for making my TW enjoyable.

Guys and girls thats it from me as a player and for the most part as a poster.

Remember: be nice and mail your enemy is where all the best chats come from!




A world is always more entertaining with you on it Jo - shame to see you go! I too wish to get retired and stay retired, but somehow I keep getting drawn back in :-(

Cya around :)


Weve not always seen eye to eye Jo but take care all the same

Your pnp will truly be missed too

Maggie Wallis

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Jo... you've picked the wrong week to make your post as I've already been nice twice this week on the externals and if I say anything else nice I'd spontaneously combust...

Having also started on W3 and although my first cap was a real life player I remember at the time having no understanding that you need to send 4 nobles and got strangely lucky with a cross nobling... just to then get rimmed by Ed and Dan who I somehow managed to talk into inviting me to TFF after I re-started to take up my post as tribes chocolate fire guard... where my training as most annoying player/poster on TW began...

So remember people... don't blame me... blame Jo, Ed and Dan....

The only thing D1 has ever posted that has made any kind of sense is his obsession for me being your fanboi... which I'd happily admit to as I have always be in awe of your skills, both PnP and diplomatic and although our styles are complete opposite ends of the scale, once TFF, always TFF...

I hope some day you find your way back as without you or Martin to keep my self-destruction side under control I fear I will spend an unhealthy amount of time on the rim (plus I will miss you and understand what you are going through with your reasons for leaving)... though Baz was daft enough to invite me to his tribe so maybe your work has already be done...

There will always be a space for you with me and Werty, however inactive or occasional you would like it to be...

I shall end it there, as I'm beginning to smoulder...


/me debated about ranting about how am pretty happy i saw this, and ranting um more about robs obession.

but then it just a game end of the day, so yea think best to say as meechan put it

you suck, enjoy rl, bye bye ;)


All the best Jo, the forums won't be the same without your personality bouncing off various walls! Will certainly miss your dedication to your various Top 10 tribes contributions, which have always impressed me.

Good luck in RL, and hope it keeps you busy enough to stay away from this game!!... mine is... but it still didn't work...


Aw, shame your leaving, I never really liked you, but you were always a fun addition to these forums.


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So long Jo and best of luck in the real world.