Good bye, friends

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After almost 2 years of continuous TW I have decided I have had enough ... for now at least.

I am setting my acc. to delete and all that is left to do is say goodbye to all the friends I have made. Even the 1's I argued with constantly. Perhaps especially to them. :lol:

Good luck to Dogs in the future and don't forget to enjoy yourselves no matter what happens.

best regards to all,



Fairwell to one whom I considered to be a great of my most feared adversaries.

GL in RL Peter from capitalcity (Ken)


aw, losing an irishman from the game, and a connacht man at that :)

Good luck in RL, and tell me how you deal with the withdrawal symptoms :D



Take care in the wider world and I hope we'll aee you in another world sometime.

And thank you for making an enemy tribe strong and contributing to my enjoyment of the game, both onworld and on here.


Well good luck with the future. i hope it all goes well, i expect we'll see you hanging around a new world soon enough i get the feeling this game is a hard habit to kick :icon_sad:

(on a little side note we know you set your account to delete, but it seems to have taken on an identity of its own in the name of Katie :icon_eek:)


Farewell Peter,

enjoyed playing alongside with you and I hope we will meet somewhere again.
Have fun and take care


Thank you folks.

As tempting as it was to turn another large acc. barb to help kill off the world I changed my mind and have left the acc. to Dogs and they seem to have found a new player for it.

Good luck to Katie, whomever she may be.