GOOD BYE W7 (well in the near future)


Ok first off, I am not giving up yet, but if I don’t do this now I wont ever get around it to or it will be to late when I do get around to it, My aim of this post to say farewell to past and present members of O.O and congrats to KnK

Before joining this world I had sort of been drifting in and out of the worlds and had started to lose my love for tw but thanks to every player i came across foe or friend i have found my love for tw again, and this world did not start straight forward either, due to computer problems- which ended up with the computer being sent away for repairs, I had became a farm and there was nothing I could do about it, I did manage to set a sitter via my ps3, and he joined O.O for me, and 2 restarts later after the O.O leadership requested and then I landed amongst ~ts~, I really thought about forgetting the world, but the leaderships style at the time was great and were very supportive, so a big thanks to PJmerlinT and of course BAPH0M3T the man hated by many but respected by O.O members, so I decided to stick around, Some players really made an impression of me and that doesn’t happen very often,

the player known as DM (Dwarfed Midget) by many was a great fun to have around and at times it seemed he never left his computer, I felt I got on with him well and had some good laughs, he helped me out a few sticky situations more than once and it was a great shame to see him leave, the last time i spoke to him everything seemed to be going well for him which is great news, as i felt he was a skilled player who knew what he was doing most the time, but i dont think he would of ever unlocked his full potential with us

I cant say goodbye with mentioning Pushty, fiery young soul although some times said too much, but if you ever got caught on Skype with him and dm, you might as well kiss your evening plans goodbye. I hear he is doing well with evol , which is good and im happy for him

A big thanks to Lyxdesic1 especially in these last few months, me and him have not all ways seen eye to eye, but he is a truly skilled player, and caused trouble with his account and dms sit which he had a lot of fun with, quite a few nobles of knk lost there I believe, he also helped us find our feet again after baph went and gave me a reason to do my best at keeping O.O alive,

Another player that has had to be a inspiration to many has to be Psbruce, despite facing high inbound counts on a regular bases he still fights on hard and can hold his head high, considering he has a position of council on at least 2 younger worlds and still found the time to give his all here.

I did have a nice surprise though in this time of darkness over the last few months, which was the return of tlp (The Last Plantaganet) who had to give up earlier in the world and that was a great lose but came back and it was great to see an old name around the forums again and there weren't many of us older ones left

There are a lot of players that have impressed me over the course of the world, and the above are just some, and I feel I owe them quite a lot to them, mark,stron,tanko are another 3 that offered a lot of support over the months the world has been around, and there have been so many more it is impossible to name them all. But a big thank you to everyone at O.O over the course of the world, for their support and loyalty during the good times and the bad (there were many of those) and this world looks to be the final resting place for the name O.O as we all seem to have gone our own ways, which is a shame but that’s life. But despite a lot of us being classed as tribe rejects early on, I we have achieved a lot of things as a tribe and should be proud, hopefully a lot of you have improved during your time at O.O and go on to play other worlds successfully

Also congrats to KnK for a fine show of aggressive play, which I have not seen for a long time, and hopefully our paths will cross again but maybe the terms will be the other way around next time, I do hope you lot stay together as you seem to have a strong dedicate bunch of player there.

So well done KNK , as the clock is ticking till world domination , and I feel your leadership was great all ways calm and never seem to blow a fuse, despite them dealing with a number of breaches (from both sides) during our N.A.P with them, it seemed from the outside KnK weren’t big on diplomacy, so players cant cry tribe hugging for this victory, although im sure of tutuor will cry if they were still around they will have won,

But I am still fighting on till the end with the rest of O.O (well hopefully)
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Nice post Chaz, good to see you have alot of respect for your fellow team mates and you play this game as it should be played.