Goodbye All


Well after recent events its a goodnight from me and a goodnight from him.

Its been fun, special thanks and respect to Wayne, ManO, Chloe and the others in our squad.

Luke was a great leader and working under him has been a pleasure. Made great decisions all the way through the game, only 1 ,s i disagree with is his choice of council members of late but hey its water under the bridge.

Enjoy barb city world 1



Yep, time to bow out of UK1.

Some players can hold their heads high, some can hang them in shame.

Luke, Steensy (both original and new driver), Anti-Shaft (Chloe & Man0), Bothildr (Original Bodil and new driver), Hakushaku, psychobananna (original), BChomper and good old Charlie boy (I miss you)......thanks to all of you for the memories of the last 2.5 years, it's been fun.

Have fun with the remainder of the world guys n gals.

Wayne (1 Half of WeekendWarrior - Not to be confused with the so called 3 players on 1 account as indicated by some tosspot who knows no facts)


Calm down and come back, guys. You can't expect to get along well with everyone in a 80+ tribe. You can't expect the council to always agree with you. But you can shrug and continue to rule this World ;)


what happened to the 100% war? Looks like Quitters on both sides........LRAG for the win now then lol


u 2 quitting will be one of the biggest losses to w1n, to the southern team , and myself T_T.
some people may not have realized how much work u put in the tribe , contributing in any possible way, from sitting accounts, to supporting, and attacking.
u have always been blunt Keith , thats what i liked about u most, when u see something isn't right , u just point it out, thats a good thing, but some may consider it as a bad thing also, as u know how politics go.
as a player , i must say, i consider u one of the most accurate knifes in the box, and ur determination and ur team play is outstanding.

Wayne, we knew each other also from the start, all i can say ur a gr8 guy to laugh with , play the game with, ur very light hearted and liked by most unlike the cannon ball there ^ :D
i consider u both to be great friends, even though we met in a game, was a pleasure knowing u guys.

its not goodbye noobs , but just showing respect where its due. :)


sorry for the long post but here it is :icon_biggrin: for Keith and Wayne.



what happened to the 100% war? Looks like Quitters on both sides........LRAG for the win now then lol
yes LRAG are now in pole position, we are falling to bits :icon_razz:

Side 1:
Tribes: W1N
Side 2:
Tribes: LRAG

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 547
Side 2: 25
Difference: 522

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 4,984,774
Side 2: 225,570
Difference: 4,759,204