the tribe Hejraat (Hej) has been in existence for quite some time now but I had never posted it here, in the official forum for tribes. I really wanted to get a memberlist out there and solidify our position amongst the other established tribes.
I also wanted to open a route to membership for players who want to be part of the Hej family, or players who just want a team to play with.

The time of trolling is over.

Randyyy / ThePenatrator
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Hello Teamk,

it's better, if you know that speed games have teams that have been pre-designed. As, I have a team. But those who have long played, they know each other. Sometimes there are created 1 team from several parts of other teams.
The current 4 most powerful teams in the rounds are: Slap! CoL, Tigers and Sneak.
I'm playing 4/3, except for Slap!

From me, I play in several teams, not really have a family in speed games. Except, of course CoL, for me, and the members of my team!
This is worth knowing, that speed players will even enter the tribes, meant: players' interests, even if they do not like the team.

We always welcome new tribes, never knowing what will happening tomorrow, but something always going to be happen.:D

If you have any questions, I'm here!

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Hey, thanks for the reply! It kind of sounded like you thought I am new to this server but I've been here for quite a while. I am Randyyy / ThePenatrator and founder of Hej.

I understand what you mean with players from several different tribes can team up on some rounds because of circumstance, I think this is inevitable because all the usual tribes eg SLAP MYR SNEAK are kind of inactive, SNEAK being the most active between these tribes. Sometimes to not get ganged up on you have to join a tribe with people you don't particularly like (I like everyone but I understand some people may feel like that).

I have noticed that currently on speeds there are a few players like myself, Stoja, sometimes DO IT, and some SNEAK players will create a tribe and then players who aren't so 'loyal' to a tribe, meaning they don't really care so much, will join one of these tribes if they feel the need to team up.

Good to see you're getting more active on the rounds though and I'm sure we will fight a lot ig, Cheers for the support
Hi Randy,

everyone in the previous round played well, but unfortunately, my mates did not at all. I was satisfied with what I had achieved (I was almost the first! ^.^) on my part.

Well, loyalty does not always exist here. I am loyal for my friends, but if I do, I'll get unite with old opponents. I do not have an enemy, so many people have that, I reckin', I don't like it. There are opponents, no enemies, so I play like this :)