Honey + iPod's Wars?!


but thats the point surely?! You can;t just chuck in tribes (like chaos to prove how silly this is) to make the stats better. The coalition started on you guys and you should quote those? I put in individual tribe stats and it was "oh noes lump into one and we just fight one tribe at a time". Now not disagreeing with that but surely you can see why we slightly peeved you pluck a tribe out of the air and say look aren't we doing well.....

If you were true flicky hair types am sure you wouldnlt need to massage the caps in this way?!

Hence the reason I made this topic, 'iPod and Honey's wars' :icon_rolleyes: Just showing how many and how well/bad we are doing against ALL our targets.


First post a little Unrealistic fella.

LightyJo's version was a bit more accurate at the time. :)