How to get a Script Approved

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Important: Only APPROVED Scripts may be used!
» List of Approved Scripts & Tools

How to Get a Script Approved
  • The author must grant us permission of unlimited use of their code. All copyright will stay with the author; changes of the scripts would require the author's permission. Credit to the author will be given. InnoGames will not claim the scripts as their own.
  • The code will be hosted by InnoGames and the only script that will be approved for players to use, will be a generic launcher for the submitted code:
    void 0;
  • The author must create a new discussion thread. This thread will remain hidden until the script has been approved.
    Information to include:
    1. the actual code itself. Please include any code within CODE or PHP tags, and enclose those tags within SPOILER tags. If a script is too long to post, you can submit it to pastebin and link to it.
    2. the filename(s) you want InnoGames to use for hosting your code.
    3. full description of what the script does. The use of pictures is encouraged. If you want to use a picture larger than 700×700 pixels, please provide only a linked thumbnail, a link to the picture, or place the image into a spoiler (
    4. any "how to use" information

How to Update a Script You've Submitted
  • Create a new post in the relevant discussion thread.
  • Include the new code (or a link to it).
  • Describe the changes that have been made.
  • Once the new code has been approved, InnoGames will update the hosted code, and we will notify players in the relevant discussion thread.

How to Test a Script You're Developing
  • You'll have to set up your own test environment and test it there. This can usually be done by just saving the page you want to interact with on your computer.
  • The only people permitted to do live testing are members of our Script Development Team:

Alternatively create an account on - Submit a support ticket if you want a bunch of villages set up for your testing.

Guidelines for Scripts
  • The script must have full functionality on the latest versions of the following browsers:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Firefox
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Opera
  • Any setting of configuration must be done via a user interface provided by the script, such as a pop-up or add-on to the page. This configuration can be saved to each player's own computer using browser localStorage.
  • Scripts may not send troops. In particular, clicking 'attack' , 'support' or any buttons for the farm assistant.
  • Interaction with the "Give commands" part of the rally point or its follow-up pages, is not allowed.
  • Creating links to the rally point is allowed. Forwarding the page to the rally point, is not.
  • Scanning for incoming commands, is not allowed. Analyzing incoming commands that are already displayed on the current page, is allowed.
  • Sending or requesting data from any server not managed by InnoGames, is not allowed.
  • Emulation of premium features, is not allowed.
  • Please comment your code, and don't obfuscate things! This will speed up the approval process significantly :)
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If you are wondering why the script that you have submitted has NOT been approved then you might care to read the above instructions once again.

If you are taking the trouble to post a script here, even if its not one that you've written yourself, then please (please please) look at and follow the above guidelines.

The script submission must have
  • The full script, and the launcher code.
  • A list of the screens that the script will work on.
  • An explanation of what it does, with example before and after pictures (in spoilers)
  • Example configurations, if the script needs them.
  • A list of the browsers that it works with.
  • Whether you need premium or not.
  • Whether its been tested with the current game version and the next version on beta.
  • Any known issues or bugs
  • A list of requested improvements.
  • Licence information.
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These script guidelines have been put in place to achieve a number of objectives :

  1. Even the playing field by lowering the bar on using scripts
    • an informative post on how to install and use the script
    • a short and easy to install script for the quickbar
  2. Reduce the impact of game changes
    • Scripts are held in external files, fixes only need to be made in one place
    • Scripts are published and licenced so that anyone can provide improvements and fixes
  3. Make it easy to spot illegal scripts
    • All legal scripts are hosted on innogames servers and called using a standard handler - making the identification of illegal scripts a breeze
  4. Improve the quality and usability of scripts
    • All submitted scripts are peer reviewed
    • Scripts may not be editted by players, so scripts need to have routines to capture players configurations

Yes we are still working towards fulfilling these objectives - there are a very few scripts which are approved and do not follow the guidelines (e.g. mass village renamers) - In future, we will not approve scripts that are not to be hosted by innogames
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