i also dont understand


Not sure why mod closes thread that we was discussing so shall take a different angle

As quoted by mod, its thier job to enforce rules regardless of what they think about the colourful posters in w13

BUT! do they not have the power of discretion.

For example

rho w16/w17 mod (pretty strict, doesnt stand for trolls)
zenron (really relaxed, prefers to redirect arguments to logical though)
paedar (really relaxed, just charms people out of seriously infracting)
phil (pretty strict, but allows rules to be take to interpretation)
tharg (same^ perhaps more so using judgement than bye the book)

some various different modding styles, but im sure each adapt to the current forum situation.

Now way i see it, yes w13 can be a bit spammy, or perhaps some off topicness, and yet when people arnt smashing shots :icon_redface: can be a pretty active bunch which brings both thought provoking, completely serious ideas/concepts and fun filled nattering.

Id like to say to our new razor mod, let our forums flourish, or perhaps atleast be open to discussion about how we maintain our w13 forum in a fun positive way as apposed to some ghostly dead place much like any other world thats not <6 months old

ppl's thoughts?

spam por le spam?



Razor how about you pretend not to have seen any of our posts? :)


I don't mind the chit chat that goes on, and yes Jimmy, I sometimes pretend I don't see some of your posts so I don't have to infract you. These forums were dead and with their latest revival I am reluctant to give out infractions every 3 seconds.

However, I am just doing the job I'm asked to do, so if you receive an infraction, and are therefore told not to post certain things then it's probably in your best interest not to.

P.s. I can't really infract spam if it's along side something that adds to the thread.


P.s. I can't really infract spam if it's along side something that adds to the thread.

What absolute rubbish. I received and infraction with something relevant with spam at the end of it.

This site has gone to the gutters, I am not using the externals anymore. No point, the second we have a bit of a laugh we get infracted or warned.

I vote that we set up a forum IG with the top 5 tribes included in it. They don't have to accept of course, but it's an alternative to the rubbish we get here and we then have our own rules.

My co might post on here from time to time, but I am done.

Mail IG if any of you want a chat.


Lol I'd play group skype, but ppl don't want me ;*(

Dan ill force u back!


If you wish to have general chit chat, then you can utilise the UK13 Ye Olde Tavern, or Market Square Gossip. That way if it is UK13 related then great, if it is general chat then it is in the right place. Just remember, you need to make sure you follow the forum rules.

As for the recent issues with threads going off-topic, a war thread, PnP threads, or even World result opinion threads don't need you talking about the best dunkable biscuits, that is for a different thread. In future, please make sure that you are posting in the right place.


can we sack off the gossip forum, the fact you have to go for a extra click to look at it in a sub forum just makes it redundent, can we not just have a relaxed forum for w13 with both off and on topic, i think us guys are responsible enough not to take the mick.

Just atm its like when a thread goes to ye old tavern its just as well its gone in the bin