I can Mash-Potato, I can do the twist.


Gather round the fire boys and girls, for I have a bedtime story*** to tell...
a story of war and mighty battles, a story of deceit, a story of utter incompetence.

Gather round like the clouds of war as Napoleon Bonapertako the genius of his time, is so ahead of his time, that he s making deliberate mistakes in day calculations, because he wants to be mistaken as incompetent wood log, in order to deceit. Pity the fools they took his bait.
Gather round as the Invincible Armada led by IRFJV Tigro, the one with really low tolerance, and low team-play, is taking no more, when they said he was sitting on his cave, while he was sitting on his cave. This he could tolerate no more.
Gather round as mighty barbarians like Plug and Cry, are preparing for war while putting on their shiny armor of paper towels.

Gather round for the minstrel will sing for Allies strong and sure who were the examples of their Alliance.
Three tribes gathered round. The one got attacked by former Allies. The second is watching with amazed awe, while the first attacks the third, while at the same time, is being wiped out. But amazed awe to the First's dedication and clean play it is.
An alliance everybody wants to be part of. Sign application forms. The First will take you in its warm embrace as long they can noble in your 5x5 and you wont.
As long as they take barbs, and you cannot.
As long as they can cry like soap opera stars but you cant complain.

Gather round as master tacticians and exceptional diplomats just sit over and cry for 3 wall levels in a traitor's recruitment area.
Gather round as they could not deceit not even their own mirror.
Gather round as storm is coming for the rest.
The First will be righteous and after the final victory will take again elementary maths course.
We stand with them. We believe them.

I can Mash Potato.
I can do the Twist.

*** This is a bedtime story, names, faces and deceits are completely fictional.


Well this was pointless, thankyou for wasting 3 minutes of my life.

Kinds Regards



This actually makes no sense what-so-ever and feel dumber for reading it! Thanks for wasting a perfectly good forum post with this tripe.


Actually thought this was your war declaration against smash :(


Bedtime stories make no sense.

Bet you had a rough childhood then. All my bed time stories made sense and had some sort of morale of the story and a happy ending.
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