I love you <3 xxxx


Today of all days everyone is being romantic, the love we feel for our special ones is extra strong on Valentines day.

In any case, ive decided to make my feelings for my love public.

(Clears throat)

Thats right, hc i love you <3.

I love the way you can defend like those brown horses can't even attempt, I love the way one day your protecting me, and another your sent as noble support.

I love the way your in all my villages,:

You follow my axes,
You back up my spears,
You stand by my nobles.

Every other horse has one purpose, your just so versatile, its just....... lovable.

You speed around the map like no ones business, hell you can farm if you like.

I used to date those sword wielders, but all too often, the turn up late for our occasions together sighting walking speed as the problem.

It became unacceptable and their you was.
I guess you could say i had a case of "openeye" lmao

Some claim to love you, just have a few of you for company in specific d villages, but i care for you in every village, and i will house as many as is possible.

So to my lovely black stallions, I profess my undying love for you on our 4th anniversary together and may we last against all would be attackers and stubborn defenders.

d1+hc forever <3 xxxxxxxxx

(lol, yes this is a valentines spoof, but also a shout out to ww and xlapa who don't love my hc in the same way n just bully me over it :p )





lol scouts may be dexterous but no way can thrill you like hc :p