i need your opinion


If anyone can explain how this nobleman survived, after me losing almost all troops, i would be grateful.



archer world battle dynamics differ from non archer world hence you have got that lop sided report. Is a heap to think about and if you really want to know (personally I think blissful ignorance is the way forward) then search out posts by Cheesasaurus who will go into all the detail you will ever need.

However the very short version goes like this: (will just talk about archer worlds. Non archer worlds differ so if you really need to know then shout and will try and answer any query you have)

1: Rams do their thing (not against the wall at this point but lower the def bonus of the defenders up to a max of 50% on a L20 wall so NEVER send more than 213 rams as is a waste)

ok 213 trust me on this. Yes more rams will drop more wall levels if up against a stack but for battle mechanics 213 is all you need on a L20 wall to remove the maximum amount of def bonus which is all you are trying to do unless up against a stack but that is a fireside chat for another day. 213. No more. Nods.

2: Ding ding the actual battle occurs. On an archer world this is done by the Inno gremlins who split the attackers into different troop types. Archers, non archer infantry and non archer cavalry and then matches them up against the defense troops def total (see wiki for this)

You can have up to 3 mini battles and the large amount of LC you sent will now make sense as to why your noble wasn't wearing underpants outside his lycra just a very lucky boy.

Next the troop die. Sad times.

3: If any scouts still alive then this is when they do their sneaky beaky thing and rams and cats only now do damage to walls/buildings.

Still the report above looks lop sided and no idea if this is morale world or what the wall is but it does reinforce the view that a balanced def on an archer world is important. Anyway I hope the above helps as I am very rusty at TW these days.