I'd like to introduce the biggest noob I've ever come across... You Jest


Gone are the days when skillful players locked horns and did battle.

TW is just full of noobs these days.

My little village popped up on the rim, and it wasn't long before You Jest was sniffing around me.
After the shortest conversation in TW history he blocked me. :-D Coward.. everyone knows I like banter, not sure what triggered the blocking. I was rather polite which is unusual for me.

After some relentless weeks catting my village several times a day, too which I obviously just built back up, with him getting ZERO resources (from what I remember) he decided to noble me.

I guess I should be flattered he considered me such a threat... in my tiny 114pt village :-D


Whatever happened to growing on tiny players like me?

I dread to think what he must bring to Firestorm as their top 5 player with tactics like that!

Maybe it was the tribe I set up... You Joke... maybe it was the village name, maybe it was the fact that I'd been building up spears and hiding them in someone else's village.... maybe somebody hacked his account (that'd be the excuse I'd use if I'd wasted a noble on a 114pt village)

Would love to see him come on here and justify it... doubt that'll happen.



But don't tar us all with the same brush, besides, Firestorm are nub. :)


not really playing much if i'm honest. i've been way to busy and miss all the old people I used to play with.

also having formed an opinion that minecraft is only for virgins I tried it on the xbox, bought it and promptly spent several weeks building a lighthouse, underwater house made entirely of glass, automatic wheat farm and some rather complicated sliding glass doors!


oh and i've also still not been able to fix my laptop from weeks ago. playing from my phone is a pain in the ass.