Ok so first interview going up....! Now have only managed to track down of the three "shadowy" leaders of KnK but maybe when the third sees what they say he might log on!

Now asked Paul and Mike the same questions so you can compare and contrast a bit but spoke to them at different times so here are the chats!

[25/04/2011 22:27:13] Lightyjo: hiya you around?
[25/04/2011 22:27:23] Paul (Pogue Mahone): hey
[25/04/2011 22:27:47] Lightyjo: ah always invisible!
[25/04/2011 22:27:52] Lightyjo: paranoia and the tw player!
[25/04/2011 22:27:56] Paul (Pogue Mahone): lol
[25/04/2011 22:28:16] Lightyjo: ok so you got some time to spare!
[25/04/2011 22:28:17] Paul (Pogue Mahone): its more so i don't get bombarded when my skype loads up and i don't actually want to be on it ;)
[25/04/2011 22:28:27] Lightyjo: yes I believe you!
[25/04/2011 22:28:29] Paul (Pogue Mahone): lol
[25/04/2011 22:30:10] Lightyjo: ok ready!

[25/04/2011 22:30:30] Lightyjo: Question 1. Ok so talk me through your ign? Album or bottom related?
[25/04/2011 22:31:57] Paul (Pogue Mahone): most definitely bottom related! We decided whilst playing w1 we would all co-play on w7, and the name was suggested by a member who happens to be irish. We did have to amend the spelling a bit though ;)
[25/04/2011 22:32:21] Lightyjo: lol well must say I will never look at that band in same light again!

[25/04/2011 22:32:28] Lightyjo: Question 2. Now you guys are co dukes and co players? Whats the hardest thing about making this work in leading and co playing>
[25/04/2011 22:33:41] Paul (Pogue Mahone): Erm, the times when we all want to get on at the same time I guess. Doesnt happen too often luckily enough, but can be very annoying!
[25/04/2011 22:34:07] Lightyjo: and co duking? How do you work that?
[25/04/2011 22:34:50] Paul (Pogue Mahone): in terms of duking - its a major plus being able to spread the load over the three of us along with only having one account to look after. All three of us have our own strengths and weaknesses, and we tend to bounce off each other really well

[25/04/2011 22:35:11] Lightyjo: Question 3. everyone (and I mean everyone) tells me Rob is the lazy one is this true?
[25/04/2011 22:35:20] Paul (Pogue Mahone): no - were all lazy ;)
[25/04/2011 22:35:29] Lightyjo: lol
[25/04/2011 22:35:32] Paul (Pogue Mahone): would you believe me if i told you we hadn't farmed for about three weeks now?

[25/04/2011 22:35:32] Lightyjo: Question 4. Tell me something about you that no one else knows?
[25/04/2011 22:36:26] Paul (Pogue Mahone): anyways number four - thats a hard one!
[25/04/2011 22:37:00] Lightyjo: tmi!
[25/04/2011 22:37:39] Paul (Pogue Mahone): erm...
[25/04/2011 22:37:58] Lightyjo: must be something....!
[25/04/2011 22:38:34] Paul (Pogue Mahone): i actually cant snipe? and get rob to do it when we have incoming trains lol
[25/04/2011 22:38:46] Lightyjo: does rob know this>!!
[25/04/2011 22:38:48] Lightyjo: ok

[25/04/2011 22:38:50] Lightyjo: Question 5. How did you get into TW
[25/04/2011 22:39:18] Paul (Pogue Mahone): i was bored a couple of years ago, and was poking around on the internet for a game to play
[25/04/2011 22:39:35] Paul (Pogue Mahone): came across tribal wars, messed about on .net, got rimmed, found the uk servers, and been here ever since
[25/04/2011 22:40:00] Lightyjo: so a fair time then? Favourite world?
[25/04/2011 22:42:11] Paul (Pogue Mahone): ive been playing for about two years now id say. I don't know if I could say I have a favourite world - I had some great times on W1 and met some amazing people who I class as good friends of mine now. Its also where I learnt to play TW so ill always have a soft spot for it. But Ive met some equally great people on W7 and the success were having is beyond anything we ever expected when we started out, so that makes it a little more special i guess
[25/04/2011 22:42:30] Lightyjo: um ok I like that

[25/04/2011 22:42:33] Lightyjo: Question 6. Your profile mentions the KnK name being stolen for UK6? Give us the short version of what happened?
[25/04/2011 22:43:49] Paul (Pogue Mahone): Hehe, that was down to a disgruntled former W1 member stealing our name and claiming to be the real KnK on W6. Obviously that wasn't the case, and when we started out on W7 we were getting endless mails from UK6 players asking if we were linked to them, so we thought we better set the record straight
[25/04/2011 22:44:07] Lightyjo: lol

[25/04/2011 22:44:10] Lightyjo: Question 7. How often do you skype Zed from V? (Note Zed is a very special lady from V who co dukes and breaks hearts and is not to be trusted with glue ever :icon_eek:)
[25/04/2011 22:46:04] Paul (Pogue Mahone): We have phases, but mainly its in the shared room we have. Spoke to her and Sam loads tonight lol. If none of you knew about the KnK-V alliance you do now! Worst kept secret on W7 I reckon ;)

[25/04/2011 22:46:32] Lightyjo: Question 8. Funnist moment in W7?
[25/04/2011 22:46:56] Paul (Pogue Mahone): 8 - Anything 240volts says, his rants are hilarious
[25/04/2011 22:47:18] Lightyjo: lol yes they are !

[25/04/2011 22:47:26] Lightyjo: and saddest moment?
[25/04/2011 22:49:30] Paul (Pogue Mahone): Always when we lose a W1 vet. Some of us have been playing together a long time, and unfortunately as always happens real life has a habit of getting in the way from time to time. Were a tight knit bunch in KnK, but especially those of us who fought alongside each other against massive odds on W1. Nothing like creating bonds in adversity ;)
[25/04/2011 22:50:06] Lightyjo: very true and is gutting when a long term tribemate has to go

[25/04/2011 22:50:13] Lightyjo: Question 10. If you could change one thing in TW (rule/unit/mod Lol) what would it be and why?
[25/04/2011 22:52:11] Paul (Pogue Mahone): This might be controversial, but its something I really hate about TW. I would get rid of farming. Its boring, monotonous, time consuming (even when done properly), and makes the game less fun than it should be. It also makes it much harder for newer players to get into the game, which is not a good thing. Im playing W56 on .net because im so curious about how a no haul world will pan out, and id love to see one on the UK servers
[25/04/2011 22:52:42] Lightyjo: and which is good as leads onto my next question...!

[25/04/2011 22:52:56] Lightyjo: Question 11. Whats your take on botting and bot checks?
[25/04/2011 22:55:03] Paul (Pogue Mahone): The only reason bots exist is because of the massive advantage they bring in terms of farming. Theres no other reason to have a bot than to farm for you. No farming - no need for bot. No bots, then its all down to individual ability, which is what TW should be down to, not who can farm the most resources. We can all play farmville to do that!. Bot checks - they are necessary I guess, but only the admins know whether they actually work or not.....
[25/04/2011 22:55:23] Lightyjo: and they not saying much!

[25/04/2011 22:55:29] Lightyjo: 12. What do you think it is about TW that keeps you hooked?
[25/04/2011 22:57:06] Paul (Pogue Mahone): The people that play it. My co-players, every KnK member, and those we fight alongside and against. Its the banter on skype, in the forums, on the externals, and IGM when you are having a particularly good battle with an enemy which keeps you wanting more. Take away the people and TW is nothing in my opinion.....
[25/04/2011 22:57:28] Lightyjo: I totally agree

[25/04/2011 22:57:49] Lightyjo: Ok well those were my ever so professionally prepared questions!
[25/04/2011 22:58:05] Lightyjo: Is there anything else you'd like the community to know about you?
[25/04/2011 23:00:11] Paul (Pogue Mahone): Just that I hope that KnK isn't seen as the big bad wolf that the number one tribes are normally viewed as. We try really hard to make sure we do things the right way. We don't always get it right, but we do try to! Id also hazard a guess were one of the only UK tribes that planned a get together the weekend we had a major op land against us. Beer is always more important than TW ;)
[25/04/2011 23:02:03] Lightyjo: actually wine is but yes remember that post and liked it a lot! Luckily your dancing vid didn't upload so was saved that! Paul has been a pleasure chatting and Zed is anxious to see what you've said about her so will ty and leave you in peace!
[25/04/2011 23:02:39] Paul (Pogue Mahone): lol ok - cheers jo, i quite enjoyed doing that, and thanks for taking the time to do it, the UK7 forums could do with livening up a bit

Ok folks have left the first interview in its original skype mode but will do the second in pretty colours so do shout out which you prefer here


and then there was Mike!

Lightyjo: 1. Ok so talk me through your ign? Album or bottom related?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): IGN - decided whilst we were all out on the razz for a few drinks :) suggested by our Irish buddy, and we immediately latched onto it. Pogue Mahone - It says exactly what it means, just translate it to english :) In answer to your question - bottom related

Lightyjo: 2. Now you guys are co dukes and co players? Whats the hardest thing about making this work in leading and co playing>

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): We all know each other extremely well, and compliment each others gaming style. Each has their own quality, and I can't say I find any aspect of co-playing hard, or for that matter co-duking. Its a breeze. If there is one thing which sometimes gets frustrating, its wanting to sign on to do some work... and finding its all been done already lol

Lightyjo: lol really? you must teach me this!
Lightyjo: 3. everyone (and I mean everyone) tells me Rob is the lazy one is this true?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): of course, he does (edit very little) all - and then we guilt trip him into doing the 3am noble runs ;)

Lightyjo: lol does it work?
Mike K (Pogue Mahone): yep!

Lightyjo: 4. Tell me something about you that no one else knows?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): Game related or RL?
[25/04/2011 23:18:41] Lightyjo: either!
Mike K (Pogue Mahone): hmm..
Mike K (Pogue Mahone): thats a hard question! as i'm very a fairly open person.... i'll keep on thinking on that one if you can come back to it?

Lightyjo: lol ok
Lightyjo: 5. How did you get into TW?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): I saw a link on facebook when i was bored one evening and my wife was playing farmville

[25/04/2011 23:21:54] Lightyjo: how long ago was this?
[25/04/2011 23:22:05] Lightyjo: did you end up on net or straight to

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): 2 years ago
Mike K (Pogue Mahone): straight to

[25/04/2011 23:22:36] Lightyjo: 6. Your profile mentions the KnK name being stolen for UK6? Give us the short version of what happened?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): I know very little about it. At the time, I was taking a backseat, following a burnout from trying to manage the fallout from TR on world 1. From what I understand, an ex member started up a tribe called KnK, which was not lead by the KnK council, and certainly did not following our methods or strategies

Lightyjo: 7. How often do you skype Zed from V?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): it depends on necessity. edit note :icon_eek: earlier on it was probably every few days. recently, probably every couple of weeks.

Lightyjo: 8. Funnist moment in W7?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): DrX :D

Lightyjo: lol me too!
Lightyjo: unbelievable stuff!

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): lol indeed!

Lightyjo: I take it his way of leading slightly at odds with yours?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): just a tad ;) bullying players into noobish tactics is far from from how I operate!

Lightyjo: 9. Saddest?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): Again - hard question. I try not to attach myself too much, as I have made friends who have left the game - which is always sad, but I remain in contact with them through skype. I have shared moments with friends from TW relating to shared RL events which are devestating personally but which I would not go into details on publicly. I would say the saddest moment in game would therefore have to be mixed with humour..... 200volts quitting the world, has removed a source of humour which I think we all appreciated! It is a loss, which the world will not regain (at least... for now)

Lightyjo: well I agree though I think xxxPredatorxxx is doing his best to fill those shoes?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): lol, quite possibly. Theres some other names out there which are hot on his heels

Lightyjo: will you name and shame?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): just looking up his name

Lightyjo: is it stormrider?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): Stormridder - yes thats the guy :D

Lightyjo: 10. If you could change one thing in TW (rule/unit/mod Lol) what would it be and why?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): hmm... thing to change...
I think there should be an additional paladin weapon, to boost resources being produced in a village or double production speed. whether these can be combined.... is another thing i guess

Lightyjo: um interesting. For me hate the pally weapons as is a luck not skill thing in the beginning but am a w3 purist at heart so biased!

Lightyjo: 11. What do you think it is about TW that keeps you hooked?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): the strategy :)

Lightyjo: 12. Whats your take on botting and bot checks?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): overkill but probably necessary. some people have clearly been botting, whereas others are doing lots of hard work. the random checks get in the way of sending out trains occasionally - which can be very frustrating

Lightyjo: yes it can but alas is needed
Lightyjo: 13. Is there anything else you'd like the TW community to know about you?

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): Ummm... i'm a proud father of 2 kids, and I have a long suffering wife who is officially a tribal wars widow. She joins the other hordes of "other halves" out there, which suffer in silence whilst their better half sits on their laptop being unsociable lol.
I love the game - and I love the members I play the game with. Many of them I know in RL now, and community aspect of the game is by far what I enjoy most

Lightyjo: well that I think is a great way to end this and I have loved chatting to you!

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): i need to answer one further question for you which i deferred earlier!
Mike K (Pogue Mahone): something about me that no one else knows

Lightyjo: ah yes...!

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): I suspect that my co-players will give similar answers to this question.... we'll see I guess!
Mike K (Pogue Mahone): We're all secret noobs ;) but especially rob.... he's the biggest noob

Lightyjo: lol close!
Lightyjo: just change a name....

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): lol

Lightyjo: mind you leading is the hardest thing in tw and for me I'll never do it again as took away too much fun!

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): we make it up as we go along, but it all makes sense to us, and we always seem to get what we want... its just a matter of understanding people, management techniques and identifying weaknesses earlier. Honesty and respect is key, and not taking the game too seriously. We're all here to just have fun! and co-playing has given that back to all of us :)
Mike K (Pogue Mahone):agreed - leading is a nightmare! but its incredibly rewarding too when you see the enjoyment you tribe members are getting, and how well they're doing

Lightyjo: I think you guys should write a guide as the attitude seems to be spot on! Now in case I lose my image of the hard nosed reported into a brown nosed one will leave i there!
Lightyjo: ty and speak soon i hope!

Mike K (Pogue Mahone): indeed
Mike K (Pogue Mahone): seeya :)


and the third member of KnK ducal team is interviewed!

Rob (Pogue Mahone): hello :)
Lightyjo: hiya
Lightyjo: have you read the others interviews?
Rob (Pogue Mahone): Im told I cant yet
Lightyjo: lol
Lightyjo: but have you?
Rob (Pogue Mahone): no, theres will all be lies anyway
Lightyjo: ok then you ready?
Rob (Pogue Mahone): they probably tell you i do nothing.. thats true, but everything else will be lies
Rob (Pogue Mahone): oh, we starting now?
Rob (Pogue Mahone): i better get a drink
Rob (Pogue Mahone): brb (theres no maths questions is there?)
Lightyjo: lol no
Rob (Pogue Mahone): ok, ive got two bottles of red wine and a pint glass, im ready!
Lightyjo: lol

Lightyjo: Question 1. Ok so talk me through your ign? Album or bottom related?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): ah, thats all about the bum!

Lightyjo: lol

Rob (Pogue Mahone): it was a friend of ours down the pub one night who mentioned it, and it just stuck...

Lightyjo: Question 2. Now you guys are co dukes and co players? Whats the hardest thing about making this work in leading and co playing>

Rob (Pogue Mahone): Theres nothing hard about it to be fair.. in fact, it makes the game far more enjoyable for all of us (i think).. There are aspects of the game that we all hate and love, by co playing, we can all avoid parts that we dont like, most of the time.. I guess the only part from my point of view thats hard is disagreeing with mike on troop builds.. we've spent many hours throwing numbers back and forth, quite geeky really lol

Lightyjo: yes is hardest bit on co playing is agreeing strategy.
Lightyjo: and on co duking?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): co duking.. it works very well for us, might not for everyone, but i think alot of tribes have more than one duke.. we all have the same goal obviously, and we throw ideas at each other all the time, mike and paul tend to do most of the talking, whilst i play the game, they would still have one village without me!

Lightyjo: rofl
Lightyjo: 3. everyone (and I mean everyone) tells me you are the lazy one is this true?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): yes
Rob (Pogue Mahone): lol
Rob (Pogue Mahone): no not really, i dont do much of the talking as i said, at times i will, but ive been known to turn a solid alliance into war within 20 minutes before.. so i leave that part to them.. If im off work, they struggle to get online which i think they like really, but they moan about it

Lightyjo: Question 4. Tell me something about you that no one else knows?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): hmmmm
Rob (Pogue Mahone): I secretly fancy one of our players.... seamus, hes great, I want to be him!
Rob (Pogue Mahone): but im not gay

Lightyjo: lol would it matter?
Lightyjo: does seamus know?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): physically yes!
Rob (Pogue Mahone): i think he knows, im sure he feels the same way..

Lightyjo: lol ok
Lightyjo: moving on swiftly...!
Lightyjo: Question 5. How did you get into TW?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): paul, he told me its great, he forgot to mention it can ruin a relationship, destroy familes, cost you your job, and generally take control of your life, but I forgive him, Ive made some great friends out of it!

Lightyjo: Question 6. Your profile mentions the KnK name being stolen for UK6? Give us the short version of what happened?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): Im not 100% sure on this, there was another uk world where one of our ex players decided to use our name i think, obviously, we dont own the name or anything, but lets just say that tribe didnt live up to the reputation we try to have.. so paul thought it best to let people know that wasnt us :O)

Lightyjo: 7. How often do you skype Zed from V?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): ummm, the question should be how often do i skype anyone.. i see those little annoying messages pop up and ignore them most of the time, its becasue of skype my speakers are turned off, i can only apologise if tribe members are on there now begging me for support.. they're barking up the wrong tree.. lol

Lightyjo: she will be crushed! seamus will be delighted though!
Lightyjo: Question 8. Funnist moment in W7?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): ok, apologies to those that are still with us, or w7 from 42 tribe, but it has to be when i threw a tantrum with them about there barb munching, one of there dukes mailed me secretly agreeing, they disbanded instantly, and I declared war on them.. mike and paul didnt know about this, but when they got back online, they knew i had something to do with

Lightyjo: Question 9 and the saddest?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): I cant think of a single time that was sad, but i guess its when theres internal issues with players, we've known some of them for a long time now, we don't favour any of them (except seamus) and to see them fall out, makes it very hard, it doesn't happen often thank god, and its always resolved quickly, but thats upsetting at the time, and if any members leave that are a great laugh and keep the forums alive..

Lightyjo: Question 10. If you could change one thing in TW (rule/unit/mod Lol) what would it be and why?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): id like to see a uk world without night bonus, mike never sleeps, so were covered,.. im desperate for another world with no restrictions on noble trains like w1, these millsecond delays annoy me, i only upgraded my internet to 50mb for faster trains!, and no barbs at all, small tribe limits, no supporting outside of tribes, no res transfers outside of tribes, and no leaving tribes to join another, just a world with some very good settings to force fighting, reduce mass recruiting, and get rid of family tribes.

Lightyjo: so like w3 then?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): i didnt play world 3 due to still having loads to do on w1, but i understand it was quite good settings, but i like church worlds too, im not sure w3 was?

Lightyjo: no is a fighting world so no churches!

Rob (Pogue Mahone): churches add to the strategy i think.. but id happily give them up for some other great settings

Lightyjo: well w3 (imo) comes as close as we've seen to pure fighting world
Lightyjo: maybe you should come have a look? (bring seamus)

Lightyjo: Question 11. What do you think it is about TW that keeps you hooked?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): the players / people, i love the game obviously, seeing hundreds of incoming and having to plan your snipes etc is just a buzz, the banter with those attacking you etc is always great.. but its all about the people, that and the fact that I can lose myself in the game, a bit like a movie, forget about everything else in my life for a bit..

Lightyjo: Question 12. Whats your take on botting and bot checks?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): those bloody bot checks, i logged in this morning, clicked on HQ, and had to put in a code that i could hardly read on my phone lol.. id done nothing yet.. but i guess if it works to keep cheaters off, im all for it.. with all the scripts, rules, restrictions, and now village managers, who needs a bot anyway?

Lightyjo: Question 13. Is there anything else you'd like the TW community to know about you?

Rob (Pogue Mahone): well they all know about my secret crush now i guess.. im not that bad, those that know me personally know im a pretty good guy, on tw I come accross as mean, im not, much, ok i am, ignore that bit, i forgot they will see this, im a big scary bear like being.. a three headed beast lol, well, one third of it.. :)

Lightyjo: lol actually think the three of you are remarkably similar in some respects and think you very lucky to know each other

Rob (Pogue Mahone): they are the lucky ones!
Rob (Pogue Mahone): lol

Lightyjo: great tribe and great to see such co players!

Rob (Pogue Mahone): yeah, im lucky, they're not bad
Rob (Pogue Mahone): its the tribe that keep us going.. they are all great players / people, they run the tribe for us to be honest, we have it very easy!

Lightyjo: ty very much and now go read what they said about you!

Rob (Pogue Mahone): oh yeah, i better had who interviews you?
Rob (Pogue Mahone): thanlyou, ive enjoyed it, my first interview lol
Rob (Pogue Mahone): ((call)) call me
Rob (Pogue Mahone): ((chuckle))

Lightyjo: lol
Lightyjo: seamus would get mad?


ok next one our very own forum mod Alex! (needs a haircut though!)

Have even made his answers orange!

Lightyjo: 1. Tell us a little background about yourself?

Alex: Well my names Alex, as many of you who know me well-ish will know. I come from England, more specificly sussex, but no more specific than that- I love you all, but I dont want you turning up at my door!I'm 17 years old... I'm in full time education, so no job as of yet :( Hobbies outside TW? Probably table tennis is the big one, as well as music- I love my piano and guitar. In terms of likes and dislikes, I love meeting up with friends, chatting to people on skype... oh and stroking my cat :p Dislikes, reading massive forum posts to check for rule breaking- why can't you just all behave :(

Lightyjo: lol
Lightyjo: so TW career as a player?
Lightyjo: which have been your favorite worlds to play on?

Alex: I'd say my very first world that I played on was one of my favorites. Back then Tribalwars was new and exciting. I also got to lead quite a successful tribe (at least it was until I took over) which was a fun experience. really got me hooked on the game. Other than that, i'd say I had the second most fun on world 4, back in the days of 404 and Bi!. I did play w7 for a bit as a teacher in TuToR, which was an interesting experience, so i'd put that at no.3 in the rankings

Lightyjo: and the worst worlds to play?

Alex: Hm, probably the worlds I have started up on and got completely dominated right away- eg. every world I haven't mentioned so far :D
Alex: thinking about it- every speed world I've ever attempted... I really am awful at speed

Lightyjo: So when did you become a mod and why?

Alex: I've been wanting to be a mod for AGES. I applied frequently on .net when I played there, and got rejected everytime- hardly surprising now I look back on the quality of some of the applications. My "road to modship" is a little different to most, as I never applied. When the GFX Mod on UK had to leave, I was asked if I wanted to become a sort of "GFX Organiser", not a full moderator, just a few extra job specific privs like being able to create polls. After that it was a really hard graft to earn the trust and prove that I was ready to become a full mod, despite being underage, and after a fair few months I was finally given full privs
Alex: Although, it was probably mainly becasue I pestered Thargoran (the admin at the time) non-stop about it, he probably just got so annoyed with me asking he gave in! :D

Lightyjo: and what would you say to someone wanting to be a mod? What skills should they have to be an ingame mod rather than a forum mod?

Alex: I wouldn't like to say, as I have no real idea what goes on as an ingame mod- we forum mods arn't told anything of what goes on in the ingame mod world to avoid conflicts of interest- at least i think that's why... however, I would guess that patience is a big one- a lot of stupid questions get asked, and they get a lot of abuse, so I can't imagine it is easy to remain civil. So yea, patience... and dedication- these guys work really hard.

Lightyjo: yes they do.
Lightyjo: Now GFX is a mystery to most folks (well me so guess all are the same!) so what advice would you give to someone wanting to learn how to create siggys and artwork?

Alex: Tutorials tutorials tutorials. It's really as simple as that. Ready for a pro guide on how to become a competant signature maker? Step 1: Go on google. Step 2: Search [program name you are using] signature tutorials. Step 3: Waste hours doing them
Alex: That's all there is to it
Alex: Then once you have a few tutorials (and by a few I mean at least 20) you can start to experiment, and that's where the fun begins

Lightyjo: lol ok
Lightyjo: So who has impressed you most on GFX from someone starting out to producing quality siggys?

Alex: Hm, probably Chris Miles- I love his work and his attitude towards GFX, he really grabbed it by the balls and got into it, and his hard work is really reflected in his quality artwork.

Lightyjo: he did mine!

Alex: He is naturally talented- he has been doing it for far shorter a time than me (as far as I know) and he is already far better! :(

Lightyjo: well thats why I asked him!
Lightyjo: ok you write in orange! Tell us why!

Alex: Because I'm so awesome everyone should read my posts, so it makes it easier for people if they stand out! haha, joking. Na, it's because my title used to be that same colour, so I liked the way it looked when they matched. I kept using it after my title changed to mod blue because that colour had become associated with the GFX Organiser position, so i'll keep using it until I stand down, and I fully expect the next Organiser to use it (if there is a next one)
Alex: Plus it's kinda cool having your own custom bb-codes :p

Lightyjo: So who on Uk worlds are your favourite posters?

Alex: Ooo, can't answer that, being a totally impartial mod and all ;)

Lightyjo: If you had the chance to create the next UK world which settings would you have and why?

Alex: Oh god, I have no idea... Actually, Nauzhror made an in depth post on what the next world settings should be- I agree 100% with him... not that I understood most of it...

Lightyjo: lol will find the post and link it for you! (edit: Um Nauz you have changed your siggy so link has gone :icon_sad: If anyone can find the post (was called W9 I think is an interesting read and post up the link)

Lightyjo: ok so which world setting do you loathe and why!

Alex: Probably the complicated tech system- it's called 15-tech right? Far too complicated for me, I much prefer simple tech

Lightyjo: I love 15 tech as makes folks think!
Lightyjo: ok final question......!
Lightyjo: You have 4 words to describe Tracey!
Lightyjo: what are they and why!

Alex: Amazing, loving, sweet and caring
Alex: Why? Because we are hypnotised into absolute adoration when we become mods- all hail Tracey!

Lightyjo: clearly she not seen your hair?

Alex: My hair is amazing. Don't dis.

Lightyjo: Alex ty for that and hope wasn't too painful for you!

Alex: was fun


An interview with Mondaeo:

Tolvic on 24.09. at 10:45
Tell us a little about yourself, any personal information you'd like to share with us? What if any other hobbies do you partake in?

mondaeo on 24.09. at 11:00
There are 2 of us 1 is a company director the other is in the armed forces
we both have families and also like football and most things the everyday personnel likes theres nothing special about either of us (sorry to disappoint)

Tolvic on 24.09. at 11:07
Damn, and there I was looking for some juicy information :p
So how did you come across TW and how long have you been playing?

mondaeo on 24.09. at 11:13
I cant remember how i came across TW

it was about 3 years ago

Tolvic on 24.09. at 11:15
So what is your favourite part of TW?

mondaeo on 24.09. at 11:23
meeting people and world peace (oops wrong contest)

on this world its about being the underdog ive made some wrong decisions on here but the best decision was to stand against knk the battles/wars are what the games all about

Tolvic on 24.09. at 11:24
So true, you've been one of the main players that has put up a fight in K44 :p
And the worst aspects of the game?

mondaeo on 24.09. at 11:29
getting pummeled by knk lol and

Making mistakes like merges they very rarely work

Tolvic on 24.09. at 11:33
I'd say it depends who you merge with. I always find getting to know them first is a great help, especially with skype and tribal meet-ups :)
So tell me about your time on w7, how has it come to you leading your own tribe?

mondaeo on 24.09. at 11:37
Surely you should know that with the old SPQR joining knk.

I was dead against joining as if we had done that the world would have been over by now although knk should get a massive kick in the balls if they slip up on this world. I will keep playing the game to try and hold your triumph off until i can.
So when i left SPQR i started my own tribe to fight knk. then we merged with winner and no one would make the decisions with me also there was a spy in our midst so i formed this one

Tolvic on 24.09. at 11:43
I hope Harry Jack isn't too aggressive. You never know what mood he could be in after a night shift on taxi service :p
So how do you see the war panning out? With KnK as they are do you think they could win the world this side of Christmas?

mondaeo on 24.09. at 14:58
Im gonna try my best to prevent it but its an up hill battle.
Big D is an aggressive type player but a good one at that in another world you would be lucky to have a guy like that in your tribe.
If I had 10 of him against knk it would definately panned out differently

Tolvic on 24.09. at 15:18
If only eh? :)
So who is your favourite player on w7 and why?

mondaeo on 24.09. at 15:27
Having said all that it as to be Harry jack

Enemy wise hmmm it as to be Locutas of Borg ive had some epic battles with him

This world is full of if onlys but i wish id been more active a few weeks ago lol

mondaeo on 24.09. at 17:06
i hope you send me the link to your mag when we're done

Tolvic on 24.09. at 17:14
I'll make sure that you guys get a copy as well as KnK :)

If you could pick any 3 players to be stranded on an island with who would it be and why?

mondaeo on 24.09. at 18:13
Warrior maiden for obvious reasons
Pangela to form a tribe incase there are other tribes on the island
and yourself so people could read about it

Tolvic on 24.09. at 18:20
lol, Thanks for doing the interview mate :)

mondaeo on 24.09. at 18:41
cheers remember to send the link

The Rover

nice to read mondaeo going on war on UK7, I assume mondaeo lacks of time on UK3, then (if this account isn't gambled by another crew). Well, hope this is an advantage for me