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I read somewhere someone suggesting we should do interviews...

So i step myself forward for the challenge of bein the interviewer :icon_cool:

Im not going to push anyone into being interrogated interviewed

So skype me (or PM me) if you want to be interviewed and we shall get this rolling..

Skype: dazza.0210

links to the discussion thread can be found here
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First interview... did half with my co :p

[21:04:37] Daz - NK: Question 1. so tell us a bit about yourself outside tw?
[21:05:06] Pushty: Well, I'm 15, I live in Suffolk, UK (So I by default drive a tractor :/)
[21:05:30 | Edited 21:05:34] Pushty: So I'm just doing my work experience and my GCSEs at the moment, not a lot to tell

[21:07:33] Daz - NK: Question 2. Havnt seen you around uk worlds much. Tell us abit about your past experience
[21:07:57] Pushty: Ooh, very little, as you probably would guess if you saw me in game
[21:08:17] Pushty: My first world was, in theory, on .net
[21:08:28] seth kirby - NK: I've seen you around beta forums a lot, but I don't play them so I can't judge skill from that. :D
[21:08:40] Pushty: But I was about 10 at the time and I have very little recollection of it
[21:08:47] Pushty: (I love the externals ;))
[21:09:14] Pushty: But my first remotely competent world was UK7 (And still is, for that matter)
[21:09:36] Pushty: I had a brief 3 month go at duking on UK8 too, but only made rank 16
[21:09:50] Pushty: (So here we are)

[21:09:52 | Edited 21:23:47] seth kirby - NK: Question 3: okay, well most plan to play for a while due to the award, but we are currently in start up obviously... whats your start up strat?
[21:10:15] Pushty: Haha, do what my better mates suggest!
[21:10:26] seth kirby - NK: I like it! :D
[21:10:37] Pushty: LC hoard, obviously, but aside from that... Pretty average

[21:11:09] Daz - NK: Question 4. As mentioned before we see you like to express yourself alot on externals.. any particular reason?
[21:11:54] Pushty: Errm, I guess that because I can't distinguish myself in-game, I use my opinion to make myself heard, as pathetic as that sounds
[21:12:36] seth kirby - NK: Fair enough. (think)
[21:12:59] seth kirby - NK: Question 5. basic skills, Can you snipe a train?
[21:13:12] seth kirby - NK: if you can snipe a train you can back time imo.
[21:13:18] Pushty: Sniping... I very much doubt on my current connection!
[21:13:36] Daz - NK: usefull info for us all ^ ;)
[21:13:37] Pushty: I can backtime, but I've never had to snipe

[21:13:52] Daz - NK: Question 6: so whats your favourite world for settings and your favourite world for folks you've met!
[21:14:04] Pushty: Ooh
[21:14:32] Pushty: I liked UK8 purely for the speed, but I think UK10 because of the lack of churches
[21:14:57] Pushty: For people, probably UK7 as I met O.O on there, who I'm following on UK10 now as well
[21:15:22] Daz - NK: aw that leads nicely onto my next question...

[21:16:40] Daz - NK: Question 7. Many view O.O as a failed copy tribe full of noobs... can you tell us a little about your tribe to enlighten the viewers of UK10?
[21:17:02] Pushty: Yes, there is logic behind that assumption, I admit
[21:17:31] Pushty: We have had a bad wrap for mass-recruiting and being ODD centred in the past
[21:18:13] Pushty: But this world, we have taken the better players (And more trustworthy) from all previous worlds (4 I believe, I'm quite new to O.O still)
[21:18:54] Daz - NK: aw okay. well i wish your tribe the best of luck and hope they are as good/trusty as you say :)
[21:19:09] Pushty: Thanks :)

[21:19:20] Daz - NK: Question 8. What made you join UK10? and how long do you plan on staying for?
[21:20:15] Pushty: O.O, pure and simple. Like most players, I hope to stay until the end, whether that's a possibility will be down to RL and who I befriend/attack, I guess

[21:24:02] Daz - NK: Question 9. What has been the funniest moment for you in TW?
[21:24:35] Pushty: Hmm... I'm not sure I can put an exact event for that
[21:24:43] Pushty: But I'd like to say UK8 in general
[21:25:08] Pushty: Picture the scene - rank 16 vs. ranks 7,6 and 3
[21:25:19] Pushty: None of the latter could even send trains!
[21:25:58] Daz - NK: hmm.. uk8 sounds like a n00by world if 3 top 10 tribes couldn't take a rank 16 rank (facepalm)

[21:26:19] Daz - NK: question 10. What has been the saddest moment for you?
[21:26:34] Pushty: Ooh, again, probably quitting UK8
[21:26:52] Pushty: Raising a tribe of your own, they feel almost like children!
[21:27:30] Daz - NK: everything seemed to happen for you in world 8... how boring :p
[21:27:43] Pushty: Hehe, plenty of time ;)
[21:28:15] Pushty: OK, I guess I can implement UK7 here
[21:28:35] Pushty: I did some spying for 3 months for O.O at the start of UK7
[21:28:53] Pushty: In which time I felt like a part of the tribe that I had spied on
[21:28:58] Pushty: Until O.O wiped them out
[21:29:08] Pushty: I guess I felt guilt
[21:29:35] Daz - NK: haha. nicely played i guess. Leeking info like that could get you blacklisted ;)

[21:30:24] Daz - NK: Question 11. Tell me something about you that no one else knows?
[21:30:49] Pushty: Ooh... I'm not particularly secretive anyway...
[21:31:07] Daz - NK: so your sayin everyone knows everything about you already?
[21:31:30] Pushty: Gotta draw a line! ;)
[21:31:48] Daz - NK: haha! moving on...

[21:31:57] Daz - NK: question 12. Is there anything else you'd like the TW community to know about you?
[21:32:37] Pushty: Well, if I flame it's meant in the best possible light, and yes, I'm a noob that judges people for being better than me :)

[21:33:23] Daz - NK: well thanx for enlightening us.
was a pleasure interviewing you
[21:33:46] Pushty: Thank you, was being a pleasure being interviewed by you :)
[21:33:52] Daz - NK: cya :)
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Second interview... Both co-players of the Nauzhror account

[21:51:28] Tom: can I add my co?
[21:52:06] Daz - NK: can do if you want. or i cud interview you seperately? i dont mind
[21:52:16] Tom: nah he wants to join
[21:52:19] Tom: he's jelly
[21:52:19] Daz - NK: i can see me sensoring alot of this convo (rofl)
[21:52:29] Daz - NK: add away.
[21:52:31] *** Tom added Nauzhror ***
[21:52:47] Tom: so yeah this is my co and life partner (inlove)
[21:53:06] Daz - NK: okay ill start again. but try not to spam too much ;)

[21:53:52] Daz - NK: Question 1. So lets start with the typical tell us about yourself outside TW?
[21:54:50] Tom: I compulsively *Have a happy time*.
I'm also a gangsta rapper, living in the rough streets of compton (worry)
[21:55:17] Daz - NK: nice one! and you nauz?
[21:56:05] Daz - NK: (tumbleweed)
[21:56:28] Tom: I think he's currently doing what I usually do (think)
[21:56:56 | Edited 21:57:32] Nauzhror: I do not have a life outside of TW. Getting rank 1 so frequently requires wearing a depends diaper and a catheter at all times.
[21:57:29] Daz - NK: sweet. sounds rather comfy

[21:58:34] Daz - NK: Question 2. Talk us through all this confusion with krieg and how you guys got to become co-players?
[21:59:47] Nauzhror: Kriegselend apparently figured out what real life was, and as such was not fit to play TribalWars any longer. I happened to find a mouse in my pocket shortly after that offered to co-play my account.
[22:00:09] Tom: Hmm that's not how I remember it nauz
[22:00:12] Tom: you begged me on your knees
[22:00:16] Tom: actually went on webcam
[22:00:20] Tom: his diaper was large
[22:00:30] Daz - NK: (rofl)

[22:01:26] Daz - NK: Question 3. So how long have you guys been playin TW for? And how did you get introduced to TW?
[22:01:47] Tom: Do you want the number of years rounded?
[22:01:56] Tom: because I can give you a milisecond count if you like (worry)
[22:02:15] Daz - NK: tell us however you wish to tell us :p
[22:03:44] Tom: I started at 1196804213 in unix time
[22:03:44] Nauzhror: I slept with one of the developers. She got up in the middle of the night to send a train. I was intrigued by the possibility of something being more important than me so I decided I had to try the game in question. Turned out it's much less interesting than I am.
[22:04:25] Daz - NK: that is quite a story you guys have thr (think)
[22:05:26 | Edited 22:08:16] Tom: I've been playing roughly 118542445000 miliseconds

[22:05:45] Daz - NK: Question 4. So where did you 2 love birds first meet?
[22:06:18] Nauzhror: We went over this, he was first spotted within my pocket.
[22:06:35 | Edited 22:06:37] Tom: Nauz found me on chatroulette
[22:06:52] Daz - NK: sounds romantic..
[22:06:53] Nauzhror: Dammit, we promised to never mention that.
[22:07:27] Tom: I was surprised to find someone with a smaller *cough* than me

[22:07:56] Daz - NK: Question 5. So whats your favourite world for settings and favourite for folks you've met?
[22:08:22] Nauzhror: W69 .net
[22:08:51] Tom: hmm my favourite world
[22:09:18] Tom: folks that I met? that's difficult
[22:09:23] Nauzhror: The world has yet to open in this dimension, but I can time travel, and have already played it. It will be epic.
[22:09:30] Tom: I came across some decent people on w49
[22:09:38 | Edited 22:09:51] Tom: were I played in fame.
[22:09:41] Tom: decent bunch of people
[22:09:59] Daz - NK: thanx for answering with a decent answer tom unlike someone... (think)

[22:11:42] Daz - NK: Question 6. So tell the viewers about panda's. How long do you all actually plan on sticking around? Wats your game plan with so many haters around?
[22:11:59] Tom: I'm currently working on a diss rap
[22:12:30] Nauzhror: I intend to play the world until my bamboo tree is fully mature and ready to eat.
[22:13:08] Tom: hmm does the china internet censorship restrict tw?

[22:14:10] Daz - NK: Question 7. What has been the funniest moment for you in TW?
[22:14:54] Nauzhror: TribalWars is a German game. Germans do not have a sense of humor. Thus no funny moments can be had while playing TribalWars.
[22:15:14] Daz - NK: whats toms view?
[22:15:24] Tom: hmm
[22:15:32] Tom: I don't think I can narrow it down to a single moment
[22:15:38] Tom: but it definately occured during w49 fame.
[22:15:50] Nauzhror: How about that time we trolled that interviewer on uk10?
[22:16:05] Tom: nah
[22:16:07] Tom: not funny
[22:16:10] Tom: that was just immature

[22:16:32] Daz - NK: Question 8. Wat about the saddest moment on TW?
[22:16:59] Tom: when I realised pulsar was male
[22:17:02] Tom: and I had been hitting on a male
[22:17:05] Tom: for the past year
[22:17:08] Nauzhror: Tom built a troop once while I was logged off, it resulted in us having less points than we should have.

[22:17:48] Daz - NK: Question 9. How do you see the future for this world?
[22:18:01] Tom: Nauz this is yours to take
[22:18:04] Tom: you can time travel
[22:18:09] Nauzhror: I predict it will end no later than December 25th, 2013.
[22:18:36] Daz - NK: I may start hvin to call you yoda soon...
[22:18:46] Tom: I'm going to predict we are borg will get the first academy

[22:19:38] Daz - NK: Question 10. Whats your take on botting and bot checks?
[22:20:51] Tom: This has confused Tom Answer Bot v1.2
[22:21:35] Nauzhror: ERROR: Cannot Compute.
[22:22:16] Daz - NK: moving on...

[22:22:39] Daz - NK: Question 11. Tell me something about you that no one else knows?
[22:23:02] Nauzhror: I put on my robe and wizard hat.
[22:23:27] Daz - NK: what about you tom?
[22:24:41] Nauzhror: His internal memory has failed. Tom Answer Bot v1.2 is still being repaired.

[22:25:15] Daz - NK: Question 12. Is there anything else you'd like the TW community to know about you before we end this interview?
[22:25:18] Tom:
[22:26:17] Nauzhror: We are both robots.
[22:26:36] Daz - NK: robots dressed as wizards... sweeeeet

[22:26:51] Daz - NK: well neways.. its been a pleasure (or not) interviewing you
[22:27:31] Daz - NK: cya (wave)


The third interview done ingame as his skype is gone.

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 14:28
Question 1. so tell us a bit about yourself outside tw?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 14:42
I am a 17 year old boy, I am 18 very soon (dance). I live in London, England. I am a big sports fan and I used to to play football (soccer for the uneducated), rugby and basketball, however I slowly started to get into gaming, PS3, Xbox360 and PC.

I am a big fan of the Call of Duty series, currently 14th and level 42 on Black Ops with just 10 or 11 days game time.

I also used to play lead guitar and was lead vocals in a band until I left, my heart wasn't into it anymore, and I still occasionally shred it up in my room (rofl).

Finally, I work in a restaurant, bar and club as the VIP Waiter (I run the VIP) so it's the best way to pick up the ladies, even if they are under the influence ;) I am only joking, I behave, occasionally :p

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 14:50
haha, sounds like forest gump is your idol as you are getting round abit :p

Question 2. Gone rather inactive recently. wats happened there?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 15:04
I like to make sure I get the most out of my life, even if I am a bum now days :p

It's kind of personal but nothing I can't say to be honest.

OK, so my Mum has raised my brother (16) and I for over 10 years now alone, my Dad is alive, but he is rarely around and is broke so cannot really provide for us. I quit college in late January and got myself a part-time job, where I currently work now. I pay my Mum £50 a week, just to live under her roof. However, only working two or three days a week doesn't satisfy her that I am doing something productive with my life and so she wants me to get a full time 09:00-17:00 job, not something I want at 17 if I am honest.

So yes, arguments flared and my Mum told me that if I didn't like it I could leave, however, where would I go? She didn't care, she loves me, but that is not her concern, I am 17 I have a job, I can go find myself a flat if I want.

More arguments flared and I do not get on well with my step-dad, who decided a fitting punishment would be to confiscate my PS3 and Laptop, preventing me from logging on. This went on for three days until I could finally get onto my friends laptop, however the damage was already done to my account. No farming for 96hours and two attacks on my village set me back enough to drop out of the top 20 and allowed my area to considerably catch up and move into my immediate farming area.

After that, I was still without my laptop for another two days as they went away on a weekend holiday, thus crippling me extremely badly and leaving me outside of the top 700, not just the top 20.

However, I am back and I am here to dominate my area again (along with the world with my tribe ofc)

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 15:09
ouch, well i hope you can pick things back up again mate :)

Question 3. How did you first get introduced to tribalwars?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 15:14
Thank you, that is much appreciated.

Hehe, well I saw it in an add on the side of a facebook page and I'm always looking for things to do with my time and I thought that this would worth trying out :)

I joined, first joined W17 and W20 simultaneously, I currently have a 10.5M account on W17 which my co now plays so I can play here and I my W20 account was deleted at 6M something due to inactivity (RL issues).

So many worlds later and a 6month gap here I am :)
This is, was I should say, my first serious start-up, I pulled off my first ever start-up on UK6 with Ruffus' tribe GOLD.

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 15:20
sounds like a good experienced background you got there :)

Question 4. Many seem to flame ruffus'.. now as you said you have played with him before.. so wat do you think of him?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 15:27
It is growing daily, this is now the second time I have played under [player]Nauzhror[/player] :)

I am not familiar with all the who's who and what is what in tribalwars, if you get what I mean, thus I do not understand people's issues with Ruffus. I would also like to point out that I only played til about five or six villages, until, again, RL got in the way and I was ganked.

However, I found that Ruffus' leadership was strong, stable and firm, he had a good base of players and we clearly dominated the world until whatever happened, like I said RL intervened.

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 15:32
played under nauzhror meaning.. in his tribe?

Aw okay sounds kool :)

Question 5. So you say you came off tribal was for 6months... wat made you come back and play W10?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 15:42
As in, being under his tribe and always bugging him for advice, tips and tricks. He is never short with me and always gives me good advice and help too.

I never wanted to leave tribalwars to be honest, I have never secured a top 50 position for myself and I randomly logged into one of my TW skype accounts to find that Nauz was online, I said hello and asked how things were going. He told me he was starting a UK10 pre-made (which the new UK10 mod had also tried to convince me to coming back to) and I thought it would be the perfect way to try my hand again.

On top of that I had 1500 PP's on both .NET and and so I wasn't going to let that go to waste ;)

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 15:43
haha well we are glad you came back :)

Question 6. So whats your favourite world for settings and favourite for folks you've met?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 15:50
Why thank you :')

It depends, if I am active to my full potential then I would guess;

World Speed 2.
Troop Speed 1.
(Or switch them over as I'd be active enough to farm 24/7)
Barbarians to 3000 points (faster they grow the better for farming - also shows easy prey of barbarian noblers ;) hehe)
Coins - MUST be coins
NEVER church.
Archers (Y)
Paladin (Y) - Don't care about weapons.

Can't think of much else that changes my judgement ;)

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 15:54
haha :p

Question 7. What has been the funniest moment for you in TW?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 16:29
Extremely sorry for the long delay n a reply, I am farming and I have my first incoming (that I am aware of :D)

I am honestly not sure at this point, may I skip the question? :p

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 16:30
If your busy we can end the interview if you want too?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 16:31
Nah a simple dodge and backtime should be suffice. Though I am cautious of the backtime, I believe it is just a scout attack with 1 LCav to mask the nature of the attack :)

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 16:32

Question 7. What has been the saddest moment for you in TW history?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 16:32
Leaving TW :'( Simple lol.

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 16:34
bad times indeed.

Question 8. No doubt many are keeping watch of your tribe... So how do you see the future for this world and your tribe?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 16:37
If everyone currently in the tribe stays active and plays solid, with the recruitment of, I would say four more players, I can see us winning this world, in all honesty, but that's without us getting a big nasty shock in the next month or so :)

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 16:39
you have high hopes then :)

Question 9. Tell me something about you that no one else knows?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 16:43
I don't think it's legal to post on the public forums (blush). Nah I'm joking. Erm. I am not sure what to say.

My favourite crisps are Quavers, I just love the cheesy taste ;) :D

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 16:45
haha!! thanx for that lovely piece of info :p

Question 10. Anything else you want the TW community to know before we end this interview?

TheMusicWithin on 07.09. at 16:45
Yup if your in my 20x20 re-start :D

Nibble killer on 07.09. at 16:46
haha. well its been nice interviewing you old friend.

Take care


Fourth interview with conor (Wont reveal his ign)

[12:16:04] Daz - NK: Question 1. So tell us a bit about yourself outside TW?
[12:17:21] Conor: Name (in English) is Conor, though as I am Irish I am called by my Irish name generally - which is Conchuir (pronounced crew-whore). Currently 17 years old, nearly 18 - about to start University to study Law and Accountancy as a combined degree.
[12:19:50] Daz - NK: nice :)

[12:21:09] Daz - NK: Question 2. So im sure the world is wondering... wat happened to your tribe on UK10?
[12:24:41] Conor: I cannot discuss bans and moderation on the forums (where this will be posted), so I will just say this, as I said on the forums before:

"It's kinda like when a referee interferes and changes the outcome of a match because they dislike a certain team."

"Let's just say the referee was making decisions to make sure the team he disliked lost, and when the team captain openly disagreed with said decisions, he was given a red card."

Just to clarify for all you Bible-bashers though - firstly, I (myself) am quite religious and secondly, not a single person in the tribe was homosexual. I did get quite a few mails from people (a couple from CoDeD, amusingly enough) telling me we were an abomindation and going to Hell and so on. Quite a fun few days indeed.
[12:26:25] Daz - NK: aw right. sounds like a big ole humorous mess :|
[12:26:47] Conor: It was annoying to see the narrow-mindedness that still surrounds the issue, but still amusing nonetheless.

[12:28:43] Daz - NK: Question 3. Do you plan to re-join uk10 one day or you gonna wait for a different uk world?
[12:30:30] Conor: I am currently playing the world. Although I disagree majorly with certain decisions, the settings on this world are quite good and the competition, also, is fairly decent. I've played TW for a long time and now only play when new, original settings are brought out, so I'm playing for that.
[12:31:39] Daz - NK: aw thats good :) glad your still playing mate
[12:31:55] Conor: I don't think my friends and family are, honestly.

[12:32:23] Daz - NK: Question 4. How long hve you played TW for? And how did you get introduced to TW?
[12:36:46] Conor: Let me look at the date World 10 started. 2007-08-02

I started the first day World 10 opened. I was introduced to it, honestly, when I was bored one day and googled browser games when I was about 13 years old. Joined the chat thing (the one linked at the top of the .net homepage) and got talking to a few people there, and joined. Have been playing pretty much constantly since (except for the past year, I took a break for my final year of school)
[12:38:13] Daz - NK: ooh sounds good mate :)

[12:40:00] Daz - NK: Question 5. What do you think about all these family tribes uk10 has around?
[12:41:22] Conor: Meh. Every world has family tribes, they're a part of the game. I wouldn't join one, but I don't feel the need to constantly berate them and let the world know how crap I think they are.
[12:42:02] Daz - NK: This world dus seem to have the most family tribes ive ever seen tho (worry)
[12:42:50] Conor: It has quite a lot, but they do eventually die out generally

[12:44:26] Daz - NK: Question 6. So what is it about UK10 that you like and what settings would you tweak (if it were allowed!) and why?
[12:47:00] Conor: I like the speed and no morale. The no outside support and the low tribal limit is also quite appealing. What did convince me to join, though, was the mega village and especially the given end date (though I have a feeling that the world will be long over before that date).

The only thing that I would actually change is the 10 Tech. It really adds nothing to the strategy of the game (as the 15 tech would), it simply makes it more effort.
[12:48:00] Daz - NK: nice answer :)

[12:49:25] Daz - NK: Question 7. Funniest moment in your TW career?
[12:50:50] Conor: Eh, perhaps when I was banned on UK2 for an "inappropriate tribal anthem" which I had "written". I blamed the ban on Thargoran's dirty mind and he told me if I could explain every line in an innocent manner, he'd unban me - so I did. He found the explanation amusing, as did everyone else, and in general it was quite a funny way to get out of a spot of trouble.
[12:54:03] Daz - NK: (rofl) sounds hillarious. You'll hve to show me this anthem!

[12:54:18] Daz - NK: Question 8. Whats been the saddest moment on TW for you?
[12:55:55] Conor: Don't really have one, to be honest. It's always sad when your friends quit for good or you quit a world (especially when you're leading), but I tend not to dwell on it too much. In general I stay in contact with those who I play(ed) with anyway, which is why I tend to play with the same group of people quite a lot when I do play.
[13:00:33] Daz - NK: aw thats kool. team work for the win :)

[13:01:46] Daz - NK: Question 9. Whats your take on botting and bot checks?
[13:04:22 | Edited 13:05:02] Conor: Obviously I am against botting. However, and I could be wrong on this, isn't the Account Manager essentially the same thing? "Bots" play your account for you when you aren't even there, which gives you an unfair advantage. I have never actually used Account Manager, but from my understanding of it, does it too not, for example, queue buildings for you, make troops and so on even when you're not there? If this is the case - as I said, I may be wrong - it seems a bit unfair to me.

I've always disliked games that give an unfair advantage to people who pay more - it's why I will never play the .US server where you can pay to have shorter building times. Premium was fair enough - it made things easier and more efficient, but you still had to actually play. With Account Manager, from what I can see, you don't, so the advantage is quite unfair against those who don't pay for it.

In regards to bot checks - they're necessary, I suppose.
[13:09:10] Daz - NK: i agree with the above (nod)

[13:09:45] Daz - NK: Question 10. Tell me something about you that no one else knows?
[13:11:05] Conor: I'm generally quite an open guy, I don't think there's anything really major about me that no one else knows. But if there was, it'd be that way for a reason, and I certainly wouldn't reveal it on an internet forum ;]
[13:11:34] Daz - NK: haha true say ;)

[13:11:46] Daz - NK: Question 11. So anything else you'd like to add before we end this interview? :)
[13:13:25] Conor: For those of you who want to know who I am in-game, ask Nauz. He guessed yesterday. Whether he guessed correctly or not, I will not say - I'll just say no to every guess any of you make.
[13:14:07] Daz - NK: (rofl)

[13:14:10] Well thanx for your time mate, its been a good one :)
[13:14:17] Conor: Likewise, thank you.


Fifth interview with L3mst3r

[12:47:10] Daz - NK: Question 1. Typical starter question... tell us about yourself outside TW?
[12:49:25] L3mst3r :): well everybody knows really i like 3 things...
[12:49:29] L3mst3r :): Alcohol
[12:49:32] L3mst3r :): women
[12:49:36] L3mst3r :): and partying ;)
[12:50:09] L3mst3r :): but im a good boy really (think)
[12:50:26] Daz - NK: yeh we dont believe you :p
[12:50:44] L3mst3r :): well my uk9 tribe was full of hot girls ;)
[12:50:49] L3mst3r :): and bella :p
[12:51:15] L3mst3r :): Jk! a deffs would lol
[12:51:30] Daz - NK: (rofl)

[12:53:15] Daz - NK: Question 2. How did you get introduced to TW? And how long have you played it for now?
[12:55:01] L3mst3r :): well I started playing a similar game called Travian. Its actually really good but i was searching the net for guides on it when i came across a guide for TW. Naturally My curiosity got the better of me and I started on .net world 48 I believe.
[12:55:08] L3mst3r :): That was over a year ago.
[12:55:39] L3mst3r :): Not very long in TW terms but i believe i have exceeded the average player in my short time here.
[12:56:37] Daz - NK: aw travian.. i used to play that game... and failed at it :cool:
[12:58:47] L3mst3r :): same really :D

[13:00:01] Daz - NK: Question 3. In you short time playing TW, who has been the best help/friend to you?
[13:00:19] L3mst3r :): wow! there has been loads!!
[13:02:36] L3mst3r :): my long term co player zoe aka zedbee, The backbone to ALL of my tribes really Kerry and robert. Kerry is yer da ig and robert is co playing me but both have been in every tribe of mine even in .net. Otooles who was my best ever baron at -V- and ska2d2 has helped me a lot.
[13:03:21] L3mst3r :): Nauzhror has helped me learn loads as has adellion. I must say in general the UK community is great, although the rules are too strict.
[13:04:31] L3mst3r :): I done a PnP in UK9 with all of us drinking :)
[13:04:41] L3mst3r :): smileeee in early war :p link that if you want lol
[13:05:10] Daz - NK: aw sounds like alot of help you have recieved.. you must be truely loved ;)
[13:05:40] L3mst3r :): well im a loyal guy and i surround myself with loyal people :)
[13:05:52] L3mst3r :): i will never turn my back on a friend :p
[13:05:58] Daz - NK: good to hear :)

[13:08:30] Daz - NK: Question 4. Ah, leading onto your tribe... Tell the TW community a lil bit about you guys? Do they plan to stick it to the end?
[13:09:08] L3mst3r :): Very much so!
[13:11:02] L3mst3r :): I started this as a premade and i plan on being here for the duration. We are all doing well individually and as a tribe. This tribe has impressed me more than any other I have duked at this stage :) So as a duke i have nothing but praise for the fleeto guys.
[13:11:32] L3mst3r :): plus, This is going to be my last world then im relocating to the .net server :(
[13:12:23] L3mst3r :): or I might take victory into the world after uk 10 ending
[13:13:13] Daz - NK: aw glad to hear it :) ..huh?

[13:13:40] Daz - NK: Question 5. Im sure the TW community will want me to ask this question.. Why you goin to relocate to .net server?
[13:16:33] L3mst3r :): well let me start by saying I prefer UK by far, everybody knows everybody and is friendly (in most cases) but this is also the catalyst for me wanting to try .net again. I feel like starting a fresh with new people and a different challange. In UK you know one elite tribe is going to dominate from the start and its going to be the Cliqué i like to call corys fan club :D
[13:17:06] L3mst3r :): But since i started in .net i want to return a much better player and try out the competition there
[13:17:47] Daz - NK: aw that is rather true. Well best of luck to you matey :)
[13:17:58] L3mst3r :): L3mst3r :) thanks you

[13:18:21] Daz - NK: Question 6. So what is it about UK10 that you like and what settings would you tweak (if it were allowed!) and why?
[13:18:48] L3mst3r :): i like the barb rules and archers really
[13:19:07] L3mst3r :): i like the fact its noob friendly because noobs = fooooooooooooood!!!
[13:19:50] L3mst3r :): i would have been upset if advanced weapons made it into the final settings as it favours turtles and noobs to much
[13:20:24] L3mst3r :): oh and taking the church out was a good move :) the mega barb will be interesting imo as well
[13:20:46] Daz - NK: aha yess i do highly agree with the above :D

[13:21:23] Daz - NK: Question 7. Whats been the funniest moment for you in your TW career?
[13:22:33] L3mst3r :): funniest moment ever is prolly my first ever world, I started my own tribe (coz i was nooby like dat) but i found myself in the unfortunate position of being turned into a farm by one of the top tribes :(
[13:23:22] L3mst3r :): I quit for 2 weeks and logged in to find he hadent sent a farming run for a while so i built up an army and cleared him :D
[13:24:14] L3mst3r :): he was double my points as well and the funny thing is he was kicked from his tribe and quit the game (rofl) PAWNEDDDD!!!
[13:24:27] Daz - NK: (rofl) that dus sound funny

[13:24:44] Daz - NK: Question 8. So whats been the saddest moment for you?
[13:25:07] L3mst3r :): hmmmm
[13:25:56] L3mst3r :): most nights when im up all night farming i think to myself "There must be more to life!!!!"
[13:26:19] L3mst3r :): but seeing My tribe victory fail after i left was saddening
[13:26:31] L3mst3r :): so much was put into that tribe to get it to 2nd
[13:27:05] Daz - NK: aww, seems you was the backbone of it. Its always unfortunate to see a good tribe fall

[13:28:06] Daz - NK: Question 9. How do you see the future for this world?
[13:28:39] L3mst3r :): I think this is going to be a great world with loads of twists.
[13:29:05] L3mst3r :): The current top 20 will be different in 1-2 months with the mass recruiters failing
[13:29:22] L3mst3r :): tribes with pedigree and experience will take over ;)
[13:29:36] L3mst3r :): pandas, Fleeot and CoDeD will rise
[13:30:02] L3mst3r :): as well as a few others i cant remember the name of :D
[13:30:58] Daz - NK: haha! It will be an interesting one. i can see many quitting from 'boredom' (chuckle)
[13:31:26] L3mst3r :): for sure

[13:31:31] Daz - NK: Question 10. Tell me something about you no-one else knows?
[13:31:51] L3mst3r :): thats a hard one lol
[13:32:42] L3mst3r :): im scared of beetles :(
[13:32:50] L3mst3r :): like terrified!!
[13:33:09] L3mst3r :): i could pick up spiders all day long if needs be but show me a beetle and il scream!!
[13:33:18] L3mst3r :): ;(
[13:33:26] L3mst3r :): (bug) especially upturned ones!!
[13:33:30] Daz - NK: /me holds back from laughing

[13:33:59] Daz - NK: Question 11. Anything you'd like to tell the community before we end this interview? :)
[13:35:54] L3mst3r :): I would like to say thanks for making my UK experience as enjoyable is it has been :cool: but also to talk on the EXT's more!!!!!!
[13:36:16] L3mst3r :): its sooo boring and the off topicness of corys fan club grinds my gears :D

[13:37:13] L3mst3r :): oh and please edit any spelling mistakes :D
[13:37:28] L3mst3r :): i type to fast and make regular typos haha
[13:38:09] Daz - NK: hah i will do dont worry, was good interview :)
[13:38:46] L3mst3r :): i quite enjoyed it actualy thanks for interviewing me :)


Sixth interview bein with Dozzler

[14:05:05] Daz - NK: Question 1. Easy start... tell us about yourself outside TW?
[14:06:26] Adam: I'm a university student in the UK studying business management. In my spare time i like to cam with Conor so we can have some fun. It's nice to relax after a hard day.
[14:06:45] Adam: Sometimes it does get quite weird though
[14:08:38] Daz - NK: wierd how so?
[14:09:14] Adam: One time he made a request which included lack of clothing and whipped cream.
[14:09:37] Adam: He then proceeded to lick his cam lens.
[14:09:54] Daz - NK: (rofl)

[14:10:38] Daz - NK: Question 2. How did you get introduced to TW? And how long have you played it for now?
[14:13:50] Adam: I first heard of TW when i was at school. It was the craze at one point, kind of like pokemon cards. It didn't seem really appealing, but i joined in to see what everyone was talking about. Since then, everyone i know who use to play has quit. That was back at the start of 2007, so over 4 years of playing the game.
[14:15:36] Daz - NK: oww, a fair length of experience then :)
[14:16:35] Adam: I stopped playing worlds about 1 1/2 years ago, this is my first world since then.

[14:17:03] Daz - NK: Question 3. Aw rite, so what made you join uk10 then?
[14:19:04] Adam: Some old friends decided to join and since i'm on holiday, i thought i'd tag along for the ride. Will have to see how active i can be once term starts, but i'm hoping to play this world as seriously as i need to in order to win.
[14:20:12] Daz - NK: aw sounds good :)

[14:21:18] Daz - NK: Question 4. Who has been the best friend/ help to you in your TW career?
[14:25:19] Adam: World 4 tribe DBD must have been the best help to me in terms of learning the game. Although they wasnt the best of tribes, they taught me most of what i needed to know. As for friends in the game, those who i have known the longest and still play would be Dozzler, Conor, James and naji.
[14:25:33] Adam: Dozzler is George and who's account i am using.
[14:26:24] Daz - NK: aw thats kool :)

[14:27:40] Daz - NK: Question 5. So what is it about UK10 that you like and what settings would you tweak (if it were allowed!) and why?
[14:31:46] Adam: I like how there is an end date, the problem with a lot of worlds is inactivity later on. Hopefully by the time it gets to that stage, the world will be close to ending anyway. I also like the tribe lock, this will mean come february the players of tribes are set in stone and only those groups of players can win.

If i was allowed to tweak the settings i would probably make the noble trains faster (50ms) With such an increased gap, sniping is going to be a lot more common. However it may cause tribes to work together more all sending 1 noble each. The non interacting rally point scripts are slightly annoying, but that is the server so i wouldn't change that
[14:34:38] Daz - NK: nice answer :)

[14:36:54] Daz - NK: Question 6. So whats been your favourite world for settings and favourite for folks you've met?
[14:41:18] Adam: I'm probably bias to myself in saying settings are my favourite, and also favourite for the players i met there. W4 was the world where i actually did well and fought in big wars and thus was the most fun for me. Although other worlds have been fun, it all gets slightly repetitive. This is the link to the settings on W4:
[14:44:49] Daz - NK: aw wow, looks kool :)

[14:45:10] Daz - NK: Question 7. Whats been the funniest moment for you in your TW career?
[14:47:59] Adam: Of late, it would have to be when a certain member of my tribe admitted to trying a 3some with his girlfriend and a male friend...he was the one in the middle. Of course i can't give his name out for personal reasons, but we can laugh at the thought of him :)
[14:48:45] Daz - NK: (puke) thats jus wrong tbh
[14:49:16] Adam: I will confirm he his straight, but curious at the time as well as drunk.
[14:49:29] Daz - NK: aw rite :p

[14:49:46] Daz - NK: Question 8. What has been the saddest moment for you?
[14:51:36 | Edited 14:51:53] Adam: I made a pizza and took it out the oven. Then just as i was about to eat it, i knocked it over and the pizza went on the floor. fml :( In terms of tw, its always a sad moment when a friend decides they are going to quit and stop playing. An example for me would be LeviGoodwin.
[14:52:34] Daz - NK: wat!!! you ruined a pizza :O
[14:53:34] Adam: I know right :( Luckily i had 2, be grateful for the buy one get one free offers
[14:56:39] Daz - NK: (rofl)

[14:57:12] Daz - NK: Question 9. Tell me something about you no-one else knows?
[14:59:39] Adam: Sometimes i cheat on Conor with other people on cam, but he can never find this out :x
[15:00:07] Adam: usually chocolate sauce is used instead of whipped cream
[15:00:11] Daz - NK: okay, i wont tell anyone... (chuckle)

[15:01:38 ] Daz - NK: Question 10. Anything else you wish to tell the TW community before we end this interview?
[15:02:02] Adam: Shaking more than twice after you use the toilet is playing with yourself (nod)
[15:05:02] Daz - NK: thanx for the advice :)

[15:05:12] Daz - NK: And thanx for the interview
[15:05:23] Adam: Thanks for interviewing me (h)
[15:05:30] Daz - NK: s'okay mate


Seventh interview is a special one folks... :icon_wink:

[22:23:39] Daz - NK: Question 1. Common question... Tell us about yourself outside TW?
[22:25:30] Adellion: Life... outside... TW... oh wait, let me try and recollect... hmm...

I am a student at university, studying nerd science, I mean, Biochemistry. I study, go out, get trashed, come down, die in my bed, wake up late for my lecture, rinse and repeat.

Welcome to my life.
[22:25:41] Daz - NK: sounds like a thrilling life you have there. im sure everyone wishes they were you.
[22:25:57] Adellion: Heh... it has its ups and downs for sure...

[22:26:18] Daz - NK: Question 2. How did you get introduced to TW? And how long have you played it for now?
[22:27:25] Adellion: Introduced via facebook when I was 16 or so. First world I joined was Had a good world there, went to about 4.3mil, betrayed by former tribe, became a baron, learnt what sniping is... got gangbanged... hit on by my american female enemy players via Skype... fun to say the least... :D
[22:28:25] Daz - NK: im sure it was ;)

[22:32:35] Daz - NK: Question 3. Do you have plans to join uk10? or do you just enjoy spamming forums? :p
[22:35:14] Adellion: Well, I can't really spam forums atm... so that's sad and depressing and I cry. I do enjoy spamming forums immensely. As for plans to join UK10... rumours have circulated that I'm playing already, I'm sure you've heard, no? Ahh, I've had rumours on UK8 & UK9 too that I was back too... and yet again on UK10 too... well, I won't deny I've been mildly more involved in UK10... ;)
[22:36:47] Daz - NK: worded as to confuze the reader into not knowing the actual answer yet bein satisfyed with a paragraph to read.. love it

[22:38:03] Daz - NK: Question 4. No doubt you've checked out the settings of UK10... Do you like the look of them? If you cud change them what wud you change?
[22:39:05] Adellion: Farm rules suck. Its so frustrating having to send so much more LC to a player than they have in their warehouse... :(

[22:39:58] Daz - NK: Question 5. So you DO play uk10 like rumors say? ;)
[22:41:12] Adellion: Its rumours* goddamit. We can't all be Nauzhror. And I didn't say that... I just uhm... heard this from close associates who are uhm... struggling with the noobs around them while they grow above 2k points or something... bah *awkward*
[22:41:37] Adellion: Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh
[22:42:02] Daz - NK: its not as awkward as bein caught in bed with your mum (chuckle)
[22:42:27] Adellion: ... Funny story about that the last time I was ther- HEY!!! Stop putting all these secrets out in public!!! DAMN YOU!!!
[22:42:37] Daz - NK: (rofl)

[22:45:43] Daz - NK: Question 6. So if you was playing uk10.. what tribe(s) do you think have the potential to succeed in this world?
[22:48:38] Adellion: A hard question tbh. The world is far too early to see whose going to do well tbh... it depends on whose going to put together the most tribemembers in ONE tribe that's willing to stick it for the long haul. Hence tribes like Pandas are not going to last, though they will continue to demolish for the short time they ARE in existence. As for which tribes will... much harder to judge. I'm not Nauzhror who can travel in time apparently. >.<
[22:49:46] Daz - NK: yeh, you need a bigger ego to travel in time (think)
[22:50:24] Adellion: What?!?
[22:50:36] Adellion: How dare you suggest Nauzhror has a bigger ego than me!!!
[22:50:38] Adellion: (angry)
[22:51:14] Adellion: He is but a small fish who preens me compared to the whale that I am. D:
[22:51:21] Daz - NK: (giggle)

[22:51:29] Daz - NK: Question 7. So everyone seems to think you quit TW... why did you 'quit'?
[22:53:26] Adellion: Well... I got tired of TW, and I needed a break 3 years playing takes it out of you. from W14, to W30, to UK1 to UK4 and a brief stint in W47 as well, then UK7... takes it out of ya... I still spam the forums rarely just cause I could'nt quit beat my addiction. Hence, look at me now. A penniless tramp sat here giving interviews. :(
[22:54:49] Daz - NK: Yeeeh... you do know im only interviewing you cuz you look rather pathetic (think)

[22:55:21] Daz - NK: Question 8. Whats been the funniest and saddest moment for you in your TW career?
[22:59:30] Adellion: Funniest moments... I'm sure the billions of Skype quotes have been pretty good, but I'll tell you one I recently heard, which was when two certain players came into the evoL chatroom, and noticing I was there, took the opportunity to lambast and insult me because of their unquenched anger and hatred, only to be routinely abused by all the other tribemembers in evoL, and promptly dismissed. All this while I was away busy with a certain lady-friend (as I like to call them) :cool:

Saddest moment. It was a shame when I heard TuToR on UK7 disbanded, and obv we all know about infamous Bi! (iHate) on UK4 which disbanded three days after I quit as leader... though I made many friends that day from that world... many serve as friends to this day. But the most saddest was betraying my own tribe on, as I was innocent, accused of something I didn't do, then dismissed, so I did betray them out of spite. Meh. I was 16. Angry Adellion be angry. D:

[23:04:05] Daz - NK: Question 9. care to name and shame such certain people or tings? ;)
[23:05:03] Adellion: Who, the people who tried to run their mouth at me?
[23:06:17] Daz - NK: yep
[23:08:51] Adellion: Lol, funnily enough they're UK1 lackeys from W1N... and probably the reason why W1N's lost caste in my eyes, despite me being a ex-W1N baron and so I should be showing favourism towards them in terms of supporting their war against T4H. It was JudgeREEKs (purpose typo whoops) and his TW puppy Dandare (I seem to recall he likes the use of that word).
Was quite funny tbh. I mean, I really don't hate anybody in this game. Seriously. I don't. I much prefer to get along. But there are always a few noobs that simply refuse to be nice; so you have to slap them into place a few times.

Its a pity they aren't on UK10, I'd enjoy seeing them come close to touching my rank or troop count...
[23:10:53] Daz - NK: funny enuff dan used to be on uk10. didnt do to well at all bless him (chuckle)

[23:11:53] Daz - NK: Question 10. I know how close you are with the mods ;) Who's your favourite?
[23:12:34] Adellion: Adellion emorages for a few minutes
[23:13:26] Daz - NK: okay.... (think)
[23:13:40] Daz - NK: moving on...

[23:14:45] Daz - NK: Question 11. Tell me something about you no-one else knows?
[23:17:14] Adellion: I've been pretty open about myself with tribemembers, so I'll say something that perhaps most people wouldn't think : I'm actually quite a talented dancer. Think Usher, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson style... though I confess I'm nowhere near as good as them, but hey, you gotta try. And yes, for all those wondering, its true what they say about dancers in the bedroom and whatnot... :cool:
[23:18:41] Daz - NK: aha. okay then ade calm down this isnt a dating agency ;)
[23:19:42] Adellion: really? ..dammit!

[23:20:02] Daz - NK: Question 12.... The big finale question.... Question of all Questions....
Ok, Adellion. The question that's on ALL of our tongues. Are the rumours true that you are playing uk10? Come on, you've clearly loved the attention of this interview. Won't you take this opportunity to throw away your mask and cloak and unveil yourself?

[23:20:22] Adellion: Hmm...
[23:20:28] Adellion: I wonder Daz...
[23:20:46] Adellion: Have you ever been asked a question in response to yours in an interview before (other than this question I'm giving you now)?
[23:22:21] Daz - NK: nope haha!
[23:22:43] Adellion: Well then...
[23:22:54] Adellion: Do u liek mudkipz? :cool:
[23:23:18] Daz - NK: yess i do. love pokemon!! (inlove)
[23:23:26] Adellion: Aww...
[23:23:27] Adellion: REALLY?!?
[23:23:29] Adellion: HEY HEY
[23:23:29] Adellion: DAZ
[23:23:34] Adellion: Let me show you my pokemon card collection
[23:23:36] Adellion: Look
[23:23:48] Daz - NK: yeh i freacking do :D i wanna see (L)
[23:23:52] Adellion: Adellion spazs about his pokemon card collection
[23:24:00] Adellion: Daz you just gotta pull it out
[23:24:05] Daz - NK: /me whips out his.... gameboy
[23:24:16] Daz - NK: (chuckle)
[23:24:23] Daz - NK: well it was fuun interviewing you :p
[23:24:33] Adellion: Oh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
[23:24:37] Daz - NK: we'll end thr (nod)
[23:24:56] Adellion: TOODLES
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Eighth Interview... the interviewer got interviewed :$

[14:24:54] Ska2d2: daz . . .it's time for your interview, are you ready to talk to your readers?
[14:25:08] Daz - NK: oh dear... (rofl)

[14:25:47] Ska2d2: Question 1.

You're world 10's resident interviewer, i'm sure your readers would like to know a little about you as well. Could you tell them about yourself and why you wanted to do interviews for w10?

[14:28:03] Daz - NK: My names daz (darren), im 17, live in uk, finished skool last year, completed an engineering college course. And i start a part time job at next on monday.
Im not well known on forum and thought i'd make a special effort this world and saw noone had started interviews so i took command :cool:
[14:29:21] Ska2d2: Everyone likes a doer and you've added some spice to the forums, it's a good way to get known and to meet people.
[14:29:52] Daz - NK: definately. it beats spamming (nod)
[14:30:16 | Edited 14:30:50] Ska2d2: don't underate spamming though :p

[14:30:42] Ska2d2: Question 2.

How did you come across tribal wars? And what made you stay?

[14:31:38] Daz - NK: My friend saw i was playing good ole travian and said he knew a better game. Showed me TW and i been playin ever since cuz im a loyal addict (nod)
[14:32:15] Ska2d2: It's too addictive i think :|

[14:33:13] Ska2d2: Question 3.

We all start knowing very little and i'm sure you were the same - tell me about the newb Daz?

[14:41:00] Daz - NK: UK1 was my first world. I joined a hugging tribe. Untill we got into wars and many left, then i joined a better tribe. Now altho i was small i was a real nuisance. Alot of uk1 players that i fought still remember me as bein tht pain tht didnt died (chuckle)
[14:41:47] Ska2d2: Haha you hit the ground running then? No n00by mistakes?
[14:43:34] Daz - NK: well i didnt even get into top 700.. :p
But i was mainly defensive that world. plus their noble trains wern't amazing so they were easily snipable (nod)
But i guess playin travian for a few years befre hand sort of helped i guess
[14:44:32] Ska2d2: Strategy can be applied to most games i think - who taught you TW - or are you self taught?
[14:51:06] Daz - NK: W1 i was taught basics, wat a decent nuke looks like and how to make a death star.
W2 i was taught how to co-ord attacks perfectly (e.g- attacking from 5 villages to land in the same second)
W4 i was taught wat the best D nuke is, how to snipe, stack and shizz like that.

so i jus learnt lil things from different worlds as i went along. Never had 1 person solidly teaching or anything.
[14:51:52] Ska2d2: So you took the best from each person and improved as you went - that's a good way to learn

[14:52:54] Ska2d2: You mentioned 3 of your previous worlds there which leads me into

[14:53:04] Ska2d2: Question 4

What was the best tribe you have been in and the best world you played?

[14:56:23] Daz - NK: i would say W4 playing with WZP. All the players are great people. Really friendy, active and helpfull. We co-ordinated well against our enemies and went from bein the n00by under-dogs into bein the dominating world power of the world. It has been great fuun and i plan on continuing till the end and all our enemies are dead. Altho we have sorta made it a race to try and be the first UK world to dominate 100% :)
[14:57:35] Ska2d2: That's an achievement many people want - no uk world is closed yet those bragging rights are still to be claimed
[14:57:38] Ska2d2: Good luck there

[14:57:55] Ska2d2: Question 5.

PnP is a big part of TW for many players how much attention do you pay to the EXT's and do you recall any standout PnP's?

[15:01:35] Daz - NK: Im always checking the externals. They make for good reading and laughs :) My favourite PnP's are the declarations of war. If done right they are well thought out and designed to entertain the reader. Also you get alot of flaming and ego's flying around which always make me giggle.
[15:02:27] Ska2d2: It wouldn't be the same without the ego's I really enjoy the flaming as well
[15:03:09] Ska2d2: Who is the standout poster for you so far on the w10 Ext's? Does anyone stand out?
[15:05:27] Daz - NK: No-one really stands out as of yet in my eyes imo
[15:06:28] Ska2d2: We need to up our collective game then :D
[15:06:38] Daz - NK: you got dat right :p

[15:06:43] Ska2d2: Question 6.

If you could have a 1 vs 1 with any player past or present who would it be? And why?

[15:07:53] Daz - NK: dan/ danade.. his ego is too big for his boots. needs takin down a notch ;)
[15:08:15] Ska2d2: watch out dan the challenge has been extended
[15:08:26] Daz - NK: (chuckle)

[15:08:31] Ska2d2: Question 7.

What is your best achievement in game?

[15:10:52] Daz - NK: if your talkin about any world in general... then it'd be gettin into top 50 (chuckle)
[15:11:55] Ska2d2: Hmm :$ room for improvement then! Do you see yourself becoming a regular in the T20 in time?
[15:13:48] Daz - NK: deffo...But uk10 is my first co-playing world, so i have alot of hope for this world and us bein high up the rankings :cool:
[15:14:16] Ska2d2: Yeah co playing usually helps . . . it's nice to sleep sometimes!

[15:14:53] Ska2d2: Question 8.

So now you have a co-player you have more free time - Do you play any other games in your spare time?

[15:17:28] Daz - NK: you wud think that... but i dont. He is an american skool kid. So im online all day everyday. And he's online late evenings and night.
I still play 2/3 worlds tho :)
[15:18:43] Ska2d2: Well tribal wars is enough for anyone :)

[15:19:07] Ska2d2: Question 10.

Tell me how does it feel to be on the other end of the questions?

[15:20:11] Daz - NK: its feels great.. Its harder tryin to think of questions to ask than it is to answer them
[15:20:36] Ska2d2: You can feel free to steal my questions (bandit)
[15:20:43] Daz - NK: cheers :D
[15:20:54] Daz - NK: so far ive been stealing lightyjo's :x
[15:21:26] Ska2d2: Hehe well she's a good Cumbrian to so you can't go far wrong there :cool:
[15:21:50] Ska2d2: Ok last question now i'm sure you have a lot of farming to do

[15:22:06] Ska2d2: Question 11.

Finally anything else you'd like to tell your readers before we finish?

[15:24:18] Daz - NK: Yeh, i love rep points, so feel free to rep my interviews ;)
[15:24:33] Ska2d2: Don't we all!
[15:25:19] Ska2d2: It's been a pleasure talking to you Daz and I look forward to reading your next interview - any idea who it's going to be?
[15:25:51] Daz - NK: thankyou. its been a pleasure being interviewed :)
and that is a secret i cant tell ;)
[15:26:14] Ska2d2: haha, cya
[15:26:17] Daz - NK: bye


Nineth interview... special edition with a forum mod!!

[18:21:23] Daz - NK: Question 1.Tell us a little about yourself, any personal information you’d like to share with us? What if any other hobbies do you partake in?
[18:23:25] Jp68plus1: Well I'm 27, live in Louisiana, USA. As meechan would tell you I live in swamps and wrestle alligators in my spare time (which I don't!) Other hobbies include other computer games/fishing/CoD on Xbox.
[18:25:09] Daz - NK: nice. 'other computer games' ... you cheating on TW??? :O
[18:25:28] Jp68plus1: Sometimes (bandit)

[18:26:19] Daz - NK: Question 2. Care to tell us all about your TW career?
[18:26:42] Jp68plus1: My tw career...hmmm
[18:34:26 | Edited 18:35:15] Jp68plus1: Well it started about 5 years ago, back in 2006-ish. I don't actually remember how I came about TW, but it had to have been from another computer game. When I registered with .net, they had 5 worlds out, W5 had just started the previous day. I joined it and granted only made it to 3 villages, fell in love with the game. I then joined w3,w7,w8,10, and cracked out. Quit the worlds because something very special was coming out...Speed Rounds.

.Net's early speed days were awesome. Tons of people joined it, the PnP was amazing, and it's what caused my addiction to TW to take a strong hold. I ended up playing every speed round 1-60, then went back to playing slow worlds. Joined w3 again, and at least another 20 worlds after that. Last world I actually played full time was w33, with my coplayer muldie. Went to go play w34 and was asked by Lizy (CM at the time) to be an in-game moderator. I told her I'd rather do the forums, which I got, in no time became an Elder Mod. When .uk started I had quit modding and was almost out of TW but got offered a mod position here. I took it up, because it was a newer community and I didn't care too much for the community in .net at the time. Haven't really played a .uk world yet, will eventually play one I'm sure
[18:34:49] Jp68plus1: haha ^ that's the short version too (chuckle)
[18:36:43] Daz - NK: wow that is a long short story :D
[18:37:07] Jp68plus1: not too bad for 5 years summed up in 2 large paragraphs :D

[18:38:32] Daz - NK: Question 3. What would you say to someone wanting to be a mod? What skills should they have, to be a forum mod rather than ingame mod?
[18:43:55] Jp68plus1: Well mods should be able to first and foremost hold their emotions and feelings towards other posters back. Favoritism is noticiable and will cause you to be fired if you've actually gotten a position. Potential mods should also be frequent in the forums, should have quite a few posts, and them not all being spam either. Spelling/grammar and constructive posts will make ideal candidates. There's a few other things such as age requirements (have to be 21) and a couple other issues for being a moderator whether in-game or forums but that information is not disclosed. Basically to be a forum mod, you really just need to make constructive posts, help your fellow community members, be active, and not be a troll nub that likes to flame or flamebait people.
[18:45:56] Daz - NK: aw thats most the uk players crossed of the list then (rofl)
[18:46:12] Jp68plus1: lol

[18:46:42] Daz - NK: Question 4. You say you've played many worlds, who has been the best player you've played against or with?
[18:49:28] Jp68plus1: Best player I've played against was Thargoran, in quite a few speed worlds. He was where I learned what dodging/sniping/backtimes/trains were. Best player I've played with is a tie between 2, Cwolffgurl and Muldie. Learned alot of the basics of this game and what farming was, from Cwolffgurl. Muldie I learned a little bit about productive building.
[18:50:12] Daz - NK: sounds good. learnt the best bits of a few people then :)
[18:50:35] Jp68plus1: Yea, would probably be alot better but I don't read guides :D

[18:50:44] Daz - NK: Question 5. If you could pick a worlds settings what would they be and why?
[18:55:31 | Edited 18:56:28] Jp68plus1: Well thats a tough one. It would all depend on the time you can invest into the world, whether it be a slow or fast world. Personally I like .5 speed, and from .5 my favorite speed is like a speed 400 :D

Some settings I would implement alongside those would be NO archers/churches/advanced pally weapons.
A limit on a "No hauls" world but instead of "No hauls" would like to see a sort of cap on how much you can farm out of each village.
Finally, and I know most people don't like this because they couldn't play with it, but about a minute attack gap. I think that not only would it bring soooooo much more strategy to TW but at the same time would encourage teamwork and allow players not too familiar with the game to not be overwhelmed by a same second train.

[19:04:00] Daz - NK: Question 6. So wat made you want to mod .net and then UK?
[19:07:43] Jp68plus1: Well I w33 was really going to be my last world and I was quitting. I was offered the position and figured I'd take it, because me wanting to quit playing was mainly due to the way the game was heading. When I started playing TW, it was before all these scripts and bots...before farming was well known...before same second trains and backtiming/sniping/dodging. I've learned how to do all of that through trial and error but I just feel that the game becomes more of a job then having fun. So I figured being a Mod would allow me to still have a foot in TW without actually feeling the need to play. And its a good thing too because modding takes up quite a bit of time so I usually never have a chance to play :D
[19:09:33] Jp68plus1: ahh didn't see the rewording of the question :D
[19:09:48] Daz - NK: (chuckle)
[19:12:17] Jp68plus1: Well I wanted to come to .uk because the community is smaller and more friendlier than the .net community.
[19:12:50] Daz - NK: awsome :)
[19:12:51] Jp68plus1: That's really all I can SAY on that matter
[19:13:43] Jp68plus1: can't really get into full detail with why I left .net other than what was stated already :D

[19:13:51] Daz - NK: Question 7. So who on Uk worlds are your favourite posters?
[19:40:07] Jp68plus1: Well that's a tough question, as I enjoy reading 90% of the posts that come through. Even if they are violation of the rules I still get a giggle out of some of them. Doesn't mean they don't get an infraction, they will if they violate the forum rules, but I'll usually let them know that I laughed :D As of right now, my favorite posters are the ones that are encouraging users to get active on the forums. The ones making the newspaper/comics, the ones doing interviews, and the ones keeping the timelines/milestones up to date. I do enjoy a couple of the PnP shots but unfortunately, the ones lately are just repetative. Same players and tribes boasting, which to me isn't really PnP, just an ego stroking when not too many really care.
[19:41:10] Daz - NK: (Jp68plus1: the ones doing interviews) ... WOO that includes me :D
[19:42:10] Jp68plus1: <3

[19:42:17] Daz - NK: Question 8. Who is your favourite fellow forum mod and why?
[19:42:46] Jp68plus1: (chuckle) Thats the easiest question of the lot
[19:43:48] Jp68plus1: Jamie is my favorite, I've been knowing him about since I started playing tw.
[19:44:12] Jp68plus1: From an administrator point of view though...They are all my favorites...:D
[19:44:47] Daz - NK: ^ you only said tht to save arguements and jelousy :p
[19:46:02] Jp68plus1: Jp68plus1 drones on about how you care for them all one is better than the other...favoritism doesn't play a part here...blahblahblah
[19:46:08] Jp68plus1: :D
[19:46:32] Daz - NK: right.. (rofl)
[19:46:54] Jp68plus1: Seriously though, I like all the mods, and don't really have favorites, just very protective of Jamie, since I've been knowing him for like 5 years :D

[19:47:15] Daz - NK: Question 9. Whats been the funniest and saddest moment for you in your TW career?
[19:49:00] Jp68plus1: Well there is a new funniest for me, just happened recently on UK1...and I'm not going into detail about it, I'm sure the interested people would be able to find it out with a quick glance into uk1's forums :D

Saddest would be when I got infracted in .net for a piece of PnP I made...
[19:49:39] Daz - NK: is tht the dude who tryed bragging about his train? (chuckle)
[19:50:16] Daz - NK: if so, i found that flippin hillarious (rofl)
[19:50:29] Jp68plus1: yea I still laugh about it
[19:50:39] Daz - NK: good times :')
[19:50:47] Jp68plus1: though it was an excellent train and unfortunately some are just teasing him about it
[19:51:23] Daz - NK: i wud feel sorry for him... but it was such a... silly thing he did :p
[19:52:03] Jp68plus1: hope he learned his lesson that you should take a page out someones book (not mentioning Nauz' name) and stoke the ego after the fact.
[19:52:26] Daz - NK: (rofl)
[19:52:43] Jp68plus1: He was just soo excited that he did such a great train that he didn't realise the repercussions

[19:52:59] Daz - NK: Question 10. Is there anything you'd like to tell the uk community before we end this interview? :)
[19:54:09] Jp68plus1: Umm sure, that everyone should go to this link:

Read it...let it sink it again...and go to town posting :D
[19:55:59] Daz - NK: haha, thanx for that link :)
[19:56:22] Jp68plus1: no problem!

[19:56:27] Daz - NK: was good interviewing you
[19:57:04] Jp68plus1: Thanks for the interview. Normally I don't do these, but seeing as it's uk10 and uk 10 is special, I figured why not.
[19:57:06] Jp68plus1: (hug)
[19:57:27] Daz - NK: well im proud to be the lucky one able to interview you :) cya
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