iPod Lost the Love!


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Celtic Crushers

This is interesting.....I'm actually a little glad I am not in GO anymore coz I don't wanna see a good tribe ruined !!

+/- Action Date and time Player Previous tribe New tribe
Joined Sat 16/07 16:25 Ruffus iPod GO
Joined Sat 16/07 15:20 Parasite iPod GO
Joined Sat 16/07 14:15 skel iPod GO
Joined Sat 16/07 13:11 ched1957 iPod GO
Joined Sat 16/07 13:11 ish4u iPod GO
Joined Sat 16/07 12:06 Locutas of Borg iPod GO
Joined Sat 16/07 04:33 shivatasic iPod GO



for the record I am a noob

But also for the record :

If I join a tribe I join it for my reasons I am not a player to place my loyalty easily and am not a player who trips between tribes trying them on for size. This move was quite long in the making and something which I am sure will allow GO to flourish and also allow myself time to start growing some more. I am now a member of GO and as such my gaming will geared towards working with my tribemates, and it so happens that some friends from iPod are now in GO so it's all good for me, my friends and GO.

iPod is now a memory and old battles and feuds should be behind us, now its time to look forward to making GO and it's allies the dominant force on this world.

Good luck to all enemies of GO as you will need it in the near future :D

Celtic Crushers

Hehehehe.....when you ever known me to be negative m8 :icon_razz: