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Discussion in 'UK 7' started by Dam Dam Makemancam, Jan 28, 2011.

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  1. right well simple post just a question in fact now i know that the next world that opens (world 8) to be exact is rumoured to have some great world settings what these are to be exact i do not no? i am but a simple noob :(

    so back to my question how many of the so called big player names of this world will leave once world 8 opens?
  2. Cold-Fusion

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    Mar 4, 2010
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    A lot of the 'top' players are already starting to wind down and are taking less interest in this world
  3. Adellion

    Adellion Guest

    Yep, because this world is boring and favours inferior players with morale, high growing barbs (which encourage barb-nobling), bonfires, militia, churches etc etc...

    Also, many players dislike mid-game and late-game, because one mistake does not lead to someone getting rimmed; startup has the most risk, late-game is more quantity based attrition. This makes late-game more tedious (which some might argue is harder), but startup is definitely more risky and thus, because its more dangerous, its more fun for the better players.

    The noobs on the other hand, can't wait to get to mid-game and barb noble their way to relative safety.

    It should be made easier to rim people in late-game tbh... :(
  4. sgk204

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    There should be a world leader award where if you are top in the rankings for 4 months straight you get the award, and say 2000 premium points, thus keeping competativeness going and giving the leet players something to actualy prove the can actualy be and stay the best
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  5. bhavik32

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    Jul 28, 2010
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    I Completely agree this world has no high skilled competition but just an easy way to push up. It's literally a competition to see who can noble them most barbs and has very little to do with troops. If you're a quiet player then you are actually more successful than those who get stuck in. I hope world 8 is better but that is where I'm going also the settings of militia on this world make attacking that much more difficult and encourages players to become bunkers which as we all know just results in all agressive players losing troops and these defensive players getting nothing done. I for one can't wait till world 8 comes out and hopefully it will be a world strongly orientated on tactical game play rather than just nobling the closest barbs.
  6. Adellion

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    That won't prove they are the best, that will just prove that those willing to get really obsessed and play solid for 4 months will get a pointless award. At startup its almost impossible to hold rank 1 permenantly unless there is a significant skills difference between the rank 1 and other players. On this world, we had Nauzhror, Cory + AP, & Abdo etc who were all competing to get rank 1 at startup... once they prove themselves able to get rank 1, they were able to wind down and which point players like GIXxer were able to take rank 1 from them.

    Its just not worth it anymore. INNOGAMES removed the one thing that made late-game more dangerous, fun, and less tedious when it came to attacking; army camps. T_T
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    Nov 13, 2009
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    sgk204: If you look at the top players on this world - well last time i checked properly Seoul is crazy and I haven't had much internet time only Locutas and Nauz have barb munched to the top - Gix, Rev, Temp and Abdo all have nobled players only WarMongrel has internalled heavily to get top 5.

    Militia will be on all worlds from now on and really - militia a bunker? I'd hardly call them a maginot line - there epically poor past a few k of points, and disabled at > 2 villas

    6 has the greatest settings, a world like 6 wont come around often :icon_cry:
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  8. Adellion

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    I disliked UK6s scout settings, and let's face it, any world with morale is usually fail compared to those without morale. :S
  9. Frank Lucas

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    This world would be dead without morale, same goes wiith uk6. And ska2d2, UK6 did have great settings, but it required a lot more time due to speed. Hopefully uk8 will be slow (in terms of game speed, although troops speed will be high) and I can set back and play solo (sun)
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  10. Adellion

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    Dead or not, morale sucks regardless. :p