It's rather dull.


I only got 24 friends so yes DULL not feeling the love me like.


A new world and 75 posts, well 76 now.

I'm also struggling to make a friend in game to receive my reward.

The Rover

cause they're op obviously. hence everybody heading for cats I suppose. they're more fun. especially for those who launch them.


I have one spear :icon_biggrin: (sending to you now prepare for war)

Shame for this game, I had a lot of fun playing and using the forums...I wonder what will come of it once Tribalwars 2 is fully released, they say you can play both at the same time, but I think they will cut this one I have to admit.


it is so sad to see tribal wars effectively die like this and all the fun you used to see on the forums of people enjoying themselves gone.

i left to take a break from TW and i have found the game almost lifeless with people using pp to just part time play with no real interaction, and also some of the changes made whilst i was away is also very poor (e.g. loss of the attack Id was ridiculous)

The game has been turned into the same mindless ilk as a thousand other coin or gem based games where all you have to do to succeed is spend money