It's time to make farming barbs easier


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We've all been playing with scavenging for a long enough now to see it become a staple in everyone's play style.

In fact, it's become more popular than manual farming, due to it's ease of use of just entering the troop counts and clicking ok. There's even a script to enter the troops for you!
Compare this to the farming method provided by the game, of paying extra premium points for a loot assist which forces you to send each attack individually. With scripts this is improved slightly so that you can hold down buttons to send.

The issue is, this takes a long time. A time investment that will increase further and further as the game goes on, increasing burnout, the likelihood a player will want to take a break from the game, and the likelihood your partner is going to notice you started playing tribal wars again after promising you'd quit.

Now compare these two scenario's. Scavenging is by FAR the easier method to use to gain resources, and even the most lucrative!
Take W52 for example, top scavenging income is triple the top plundering income.
The only drawback to scavenging being, as you send more and more troops scavenging from a single village, the resource returns starts to tail off.

So, it's time to make farming easier.

I think it's time farming, and the loot assistant is overhauled. A method needs to be created to lesson the burden and time investment on players, ultimately reducing burnout, making it easier for players to play multiple worlds, and increasing the likelihood a player will want to hop into the next world after a world ends.

'Get to the point'

Ok, point is, like scavenging, farming barbs should be a one click job. I want to send all my farming runs with one click of a button.
I want to setup a farming template, select all barbs on the current loot assist page, and click 'send' to send all my troops out.
I just don't understand why it HAS to be such a hassle and drain, when scavenging was made so easy! There's even rules against leaving a weight on your keyboard to keep the farming assist script ticking over.

This isn't that much of an innovation either. Anyone else who like me, used to play travian years ago would be familiar with this system. In fact travian's system let you do this for player villages and create custom troops counts to send to each village.

Is this easy to implement? I dunno.
Would I pay a lot more than 30 pp a month for loot assistant if it could do this? Heck Yeah!
Heck even make 'loot assistant pro' to do this and I'll buy both.

P.S. nerf scavenging as well, thanks.