k47 - Blitzkrieg


"We were once strong, time has passed and its time to resuscitate."

Blitzkrieg is a new tribe that has been introduced to K47, we are currently open to recruitment until we reach about 30 members then recruitment will be VIP. The aim for the tribe is create an active family to help, achieve and conquer together as one.

The reasoning behind the capped member cap is in order to obtain a family feel every member should know and get along with each other, much above 30 will make this goal hard to achieve yet its not small enough to hold us back.

We do not have an application form to join but if you are interested take the intuitive to create one yourself or to private message me in game.

Diplomacy: Open
Recruitment: Open


He is teasing you Pineapple. Ignore him and good luck with your tribe.