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Discussion in 'Guides, Calculations & Strategies' started by KillerGorilla, May 17, 2010.

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    Cam is no way near one of the best start-up players around (although he is a great guy and good player, 2 rank 1's do not mean that at all especially with 1 he co-played me) however that guide is good.

    Here is my edited version which I see he has adopted some of in his new one (may be out of date a bit, haven't checked it for so long but it'll do)
    Complete Enter Headquarters Quest
    Build Wood 1
    Build Clay 1
    Complete Rename Village Quest
    Complete Mail A Nearby Player Quest
    Complete Improving Production Quest
    Build VHQ 2
    Build VHQ 3
    Build Barracks
    Complete Military Infrastructure Quest
    Build Iron 1
    Complete Making Friends Quest
    Build Statue
    Complete A Worthy Monument Quest
    Recruit Paladin (Complete Outfitting the Armory Quest)
    Build Wood 2
    Build Clay 2
    Complete Looks Matter Quest
    Complete Fighting Along is Hard Quest
    Build Wood 3
    Build Wood 4
    Build Clay 3
    Complete Ensuring Production Quest
    Build Warehouse 2
    Build Warehouse 3
    Complete More Capacity Quest
    Recruit 10 Spears (Complete Mobilisation Quest)
    Build Wall 1
    Complete Securing the Borders Quest
    Build Wood 5
    Build Clay 4
    Build Wood 6
    Complete Alternative Income Quest
    Complete Judging the Situation Quest
    Complete Deciding Factors Quest
    Build Clay 5
    Build Wood 7
    Build Clay 6
    Build Clay 7
    Build Wood 8
    Build Wood 9
    Build Clay 8
    Build Iron 2,3,4,5,6
    Complete Strengthening the Economy Quest
    Build Village Headquarters 4
    Build Village Headquarters 5
    Build Smithy 1
    Complete Knowledge is Power Quest
    Build Market 1
    Complete Conducting Trade Quest
    Recruit 10 Swords (Complete City Guard Quest)
    Complete Evacuation Quest
    Complete To Arms Quest
    Complete A Safe Haven Quest

    Build up to 70 Spears, 30 Swords and 10 Axes if you have a better area or farming is good.
    Send in runs of 4sp,2sw and 1/1 or 2/2 sp/ax

    Build Village Headquarters 6
    Build Village Headquarters 7
    Build Village Headquarters 8
    Build Smithy 2
    Build Smithy 3
    Build Village Headquarters 9
    Build Village Headquarters 10
    Build Barracks 2
    Build Barracks 3
    Build Barracks 4
    Build Smithy 4
    Build Smithy 5
    Build Barracks 5
    Build Stable 1
    Research Scouts
    Complete Scout Quest
    Build Stable 2
    Build Stable 3
    Research LC + Complete quest
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    I rimmed Mr.Offence on Classic, I never expect a compliment from him again :lol: :icon_wink: