Kudos. Something even premium points can't buy!


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So all too often on here (ok ok in days gone past when these forums were alive) folks get bashed/flamed for all matter of things. Sometimes justified and sometimes not. If you don't believe me just run your eye over the threads in the open worlds. Dismal stuff.

So this thread is just to say and hats off to Sifu. Is not an account I know, but am oh so rusty at TW these days, but they lead Dregs and got a mail from a UN member saying they would spy for them. This after UN had been spanked mercilessly in an op....

Not at this point have to say I think Dregs have enough informers but bear with me.....

The reply from Sifu was fantastic to see:

This was the mail received...

Squeezy today at 13:41

I have a proposition for you.

I want to survive in the world obviously. You guys are making progress. I can help speed this up by giving you troop counts, where people are stacking etc. in the tribes WL and Clown.

In return, I ask for a spot in Dregs once I have served my purpose. That way I survive longer and Dregs save on troops etc.

What do you think?


Have posted acc name so you all know to not have in your tribe on future worlds (or if they change names they can restart on flags...!) Now for a lot of us the whole spy thing is making the UK servers really rather pathetic. When worlds were bigger then maybe but now is just daft. So the reply was very good to see....

Sifu today at 13:46
This is so disgusting

But our wannabe spy was not to be turned away so easily!

Squeezy today at 13:46
It's every man for themselves...

There were other mails but they in same vein so have ignored.

Sifu today at 13:52
I do not use spies. Some of my council do but I don’t agree with it.

Unfortunately you messaged the wrong guy. Loyalty is something that means more to me than anything

Now some would say is easy for Sifu to take the principled stand here when his tribe are bottom smacking as if they had invented the naughty step BUT still actions speak louder than words. Yes he accepts some in his tribe use spies (would also like to point that an account that moved from my tribe to Dregs also made the point that yes they always intended to move but no had never spied and oddly I believed them) but still here it is.

You can still on the UK server run a great tribe, smack your opponents around for fun and also not have to lower yourself to the whole spy thing. I mean imagine if everyone did this (oh and I include the run a great tribe thing in that statement too!)

So kudos, which as we all know is something money can't buy, to you Sifu. Not just for running a great tribe but for being well above the usual UK leader.


On the same vein. Would it be nice to see tribes going at each other toe to toe, spear nuke to spear nuke and just dispense with the whole spy thing? I mean worlds are so small now would be more fun? Meh I waste my time but the above is heart felt. Dregs and Sifu I salute you!


You have hit the nail on the head, there have been things that me and Gary haven't always agreed on but ultimately he has Faultless principles. It’s a shame the UN players was prepared to hang his mates out to dry. Shame on him


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This world has more holes than the titanic...

I cannot stop old friends talking to their friends. But committing to a tribe means committing to a tribe for me.

The one exception was due to location and I can confirm he was no spy while in the other tribe.