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From Saturday 27th January 2018 LA Enhancer will be approved for use on the UK server in it's original or adapted form.

marcus the mad

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Just making sure, no this isn't booky getting hacked or legless.
He's been sober for at least the time the sun shines in Scottish summer.

Patris Mortem

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How to use it in Google Chrome:

Press the Star in your URL bar > Press edit in the prompt box > Change name to "LA enhancer" > Insert the script into the "URL" part of the prompt box > Click save

That is how you add a bookmark script. Simples.
I know how to assign a script to a quick link button, but I am struggling to find this script, I have found this.

javascript:$.getScript('');void( 0 );

But it does not work, just reopens my quick bar page, can someone please point me to a script that works on the server. Or tell me what I need to edit, I tried to change to, but to no avail.

Thanks in advance.

Ban Hammer

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@dabookman can you please confirm what the hell is going on with the LA enhancer Script?

i hear some people saying it's banned and then i hear other people saying they can still use it so please end the confusion and let us know.
It's legal. Has been for quite a while and I'm sure we will hear categorically if that changes.

I'm no script writer and don't honestly know why but some folks seem to have problems from 1 day to the next concerning some versions of LAenhancer. Perhaps it is being tweaked by the player responsible for it but that is just a guess. I think those that get an ig message saying it is an illegal script when it isn't working are usually using a copy from .net.

A few years back, they made a rule that only scripts available on the UK forum were legal on the UK server. Then they moved where they hosted them but didn't change the ig responses or the official rule to reflect the change. (As far as I know)

I believe we are ONLY supposed to use scripts hosted by Inno and 99% of the time if I want a script rather than go hunting for it, I ask for somebody else's version of it ... I can't find the actual page and I have tried. Any link I have found to the official page is broken. A lot of players bring over the scripts they use on .net which is why they get the 'illigal' warning even when the actual script is ok to use.

Perhaps I'm just trying to get Ban Hammer banned! :D


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If you have officially allowed the script, why is it still giving the message that it has been banned by the tribal wars team when you try to use it from the quick bar? But using it as a bookmark works fine.


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