LA: Sent attack filter


Filename: LA_attack_filter.js
This is a small piece of code that removes the table entry after you click the button to send an attack to a barbarian village in the loot enhancer. This is a script that is allowed on the Dutch server and I was wondering if this could be one of the allowed scripts here. It does not send any attacks for you, it does not click any buttons for you, it does basically filter out an entry in the list of barbarian villages which you can send attacks to.
How to use information: Just send an attack using the LA and then it will automatically filter it out of the list of possible sends. NOTE: Pressing f5 will remove the filter. It is only in your local html page.
How to use: Send attack to barbarian villages with the LA and it automatically filters it out of the list.
// ==UserScript==
// @name         LA Attack Filter
// @namespace
// @match        https://**am_farm*
// @grant        none
// ==/UserScript==

// Adds an extra onclick function to the buttons from the farm assistant that removes the closest <tr> from the html page.
// Since the buttons are inside a <tr>, the buttons with the tr itself get removed from the list.
// This ensures that you dont need to have te accuracy to click and scroll down every time you need to send an attack with
// the farm assistant. If needed it is also possible to change the style of the <tr> to hidden.
(function (){$("a.farm_icon_a, a.farm_icon_b, a.farm_icon_c").click(function() {$(this).closest("tr").remove();});})();
List of screens: LA screen.
Premium needed: Yes, LA.
Browsers: All browsers that support the latest versions of javascript and jquery.
Tested: Current game version.
Bugs: None.
Improvements requested: None.
Licence information: I dont really know what you want me to put here. You can put it on the tw servers and host it, sure.
Configurations: None.


Sounds interesting, however whats the difference between this and using the 'Include reports from villages you are currently attacking' option, by the sounds of it, it does the same thing or am i miss-understanding?, are there extra filter(think settings)


It removes entries, as well in the 'include villages you are already attacking' option, so that you can basically spam click to send farm attacks when timed farming.