Legal age for consentment

Discussion in 'Market Square Discussions' started by YallGotPwned, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. YallGotPwned

    YallGotPwned Guest

    After having a discussion on Skype a bit ago... I was just curious as to what you guys see as the lowest consentual age for sex.

    Personally, i think it should be around 14. I feel that people are mature enough then to make their own sexual actions.

    /feels free to post your views.
  2. I don't think there should be a legal age more of a legal age gap, I mean if it's a 14 year old and a 15 year old that's ok in my eyes, however a 14 year old and a 19 yearold is just a bit wrong.

    this is until you get to 18 - 21 ish.

    No matter there are flaws in this and I'm ready to try and propose a way around these if they are pointed out.
  3. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Guest

    There is one problem itself is done to make children, what would happen with a 14 year old girl's life if she got a baby? How should she take care of it wel enough with chool and other things? The economy?:|

    I personaly mean 16, as the age is for many countries in Europe, you are old enough to take care of a lil baby >.<
  4. there are quite a few teenage pregnancies, eg age 14 or 15 etc ( too young) and they get private tutoring whenever they have some spair time.
  5. YallGotPwned

    YallGotPwned Guest

    [22:02:50] YGP/Skullion???: Ok, i'm talking about Maturity when it comes to Consentual sex at a younger age. I mean, women and men are sexually mature at ~13, so surely that should be the age as to which we should start having sex? I mean, you have cases, yes, where sometimes young people **** up there life due to having younger sex and kids, but, in practise, legalizing when it's younger will ultimately lessen the burden/peer pressure on younger people. I feel that, at 14, you are Old enough to make your own decisions, and know what is right and wrong. At 14, why not be given the ability to legally have sex?

    [22:12:28] YGP/Skullion???: Precisely. We have a lot of underage sex, And our laws are very tight on the matter.

    [22:12:45] YGP/Skullion???: If we loosened them up, like the rest of europe, that rate would drop.

    [22:21:53] YGP/Skullion???: Basically, my point is, Britain sucks. Like, majorly, sucks compared to the rest of the world at underage shit. Purely because we have such tight laws, and like, if we weren't so tight, it would help us.

    Extracts from skype that i cba to write again.

    Basically sums up my points...
  6. teh.beaver

    teh.beaver Guest

    The thought of two 14 year olds having sex disgusts me. Too young imo.

    @YGP: can you explain why you think this?
    "legalizing when it's younger will ultimately lessen the burden/peer pressure on younger people"
  7. YallGotPwned

    YallGotPwned Guest

    Like, way too tired and unconcious right now to think straight... will explain later

    /goes back to bed >.>
  8. Extra-Extra

    Extra-Extra Guest

    People should choose there own age. Obviously two ten year olds going at it (some how) would be a bit off, but if say two 13 year olds or so were to want to, why not let them? However, 14 & 19 year old is icky and should be considered molestation.
  9. YallGotPwned

    YallGotPwned Guest

    OK, less tired nao :3

    My argument was basically based on the similarities of the ratings between Underage drinking and underage sex. Places like - for example - France have a rather low... Caring-ness of Underage drinking, in fact, it is encouraged in some ways. The drinking of wine is social, happy, and all for niceness :3

    What relation does that have to underage sex? I guess, not too much, but, they are similar.

    If schools had free limits to talk about Sex Education regardless of religious backgrounds (Actually, religions which bar such talks disgust me) and ~14 year olds were allowed to have sex then, like the way illegal underage drinking is reduced in places where they are taught about it, Underage sex rates would be reduced.

    When you are underage, there is of course an undenyable urge to do things you're not supposed to. This urge + Peer pressure can ultimately lead to you giving into your temptations. When i was 14, i felt i was mature enough to do most things, i was quite a solitary individual, and had been left alone to look after myself in my house a few times before. That maturity - i feel - deserves some priveledge.

    With regard to the age gap thing, i didn't really think that through >.> Imo, two 14 year olds would be Ok. 14/19 year olds, yeah, that's kinda perverted >,<
  10. Without condom: Ugh... if I was 14 and the girl I had sex with had a baby, I could support the baby with the money I had. But it would ruin my life and I would miss out of doing what I want to do, and I would not want to kill the baby. I don't think my parents would be happy. they would not help me cause my Dad is a douche bag, and my mother would die a few years later.

    With condom: Question. What if you don't know where to put it. (read below)

    I don't think I should say what age teens should be having sex, cause if you found out the first time I did it. Well then the age I think you should be doing it means nothing.

    PW has spoken
  11. Doopyer

    Doopyer Guest

    No offence but I actually hate the idea of lowering the age of consent. I don't see the point you're making, currently it's illegal to have sex under 16 (I think, maybe 15 I don't know). If you lower it it's just going to make teenagers think that it's ok to have sex at that age whether they're ready or not. More young teenagers having sex=more teenage pregnancies=negative effect on economy=negative effect on the country. So yeah I don't like the idea, sorry =)
  12. Alex.

    Alex. Guest

    If the government stopped throwing money down the mouths of stupid idiots who make bad decisions, and basically HELP THEM make bad decisions by making it so there are hardly any to zero long term effects, then I think everyone would make better decisions, and some good things would happen(such as legalization of drugs, lower drinking age, lower driving age, lower age of consent) etc.

    Yeah it might be a run-on but I hope you get my point.
  13. you're underage for sure, wanna start early.

    If you lowered driving then that wouldn't be very safe, I mean how are you going to afford it. Isurance is higher for a younger person, If you do lower it the teenager should be in school.
  14. Two-Face

    Two-Face Guest

    Here in Iceland it's legal to have sex when you're 15, but people over 18 cannot have sex with a person under 18.

    There several flaws in the laws. Two 14 year olds can have sex but when one of them becomes 15 the younger can sue the other one for raping him/her, even though they've had sex earlier.

    I think the law is O.K. but could become great by allowing people with maximum two years of age between have sex (bad choice of words :S), i.e. a 15 year old can have sex with one at 13, 17 year old can have sex with one at 19. 18+ can do as they please with other 18+´s.
  15. The majority of 16-year olds I know, would have no idea how to raise a baby (inb4 flame - I am 16).

    Personally. I'd probably end up screaming at/shaking the baby if it cried too much. I don't abuse children, I just couldn't put up with a child under 2 years old.

    My girlfriend's niece is 2 years, 6 months, and I'm more than capable of looking after her (as long as it's not for a long time, or involving all the feeding/changing duties), as she's grasped the concept of reason, and can ask for things, rather than wail (like a baby does).

    But then again.. People like sex, and it's pointless to stop them. Although the whole 14 y.o with a 19 y.o is just wrong.. (I had a mate who's 17, who was sleeping with a 13 y.o. I reported him to the police)

    So my conclusion is. I don't know what the age of consent should be. But I think it should be two-tiered. (Under a certain age gap, unless both people are over a certain age)

    My 10 pence :)
  16. teh.beaver

    teh.beaver Guest

    Some people follow a general rule about ages and dating that goes like this. If the person falls between the range given by half you age plus 8 then it is acceptable. It really only works after you become a teenager.

    For example: If you're 14 then half your age plus 8 is 15. The "acceptable" range for dating is the 13-15 year olds.

    Another example: If you're 20 then half your age plus 8 is 18. Your range is then 18-22 year olds.

    Although I still strongly believe 14 is to young for sex.
  17. roch2001

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    Jun 20, 2009
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    There has been a study released recently which shows people who lose there virginity early are less likely to enter higher education and university and develop themselves in an academic sense, the psychology explained behind it was that those that do have sex before they are legally entitled too develop a sense of feeling older and maturing quicker, and this then leads to aspirations of starting a family and getting a job being more important than self development in later teenage years. This kind of behavior pattern is very prevalent in the UK especially from lower social class and working class areas.
  18. Radarr

    Radarr Guest

    Does it matter much what the law says. I'm 13 and I know about 5-10 people who have had sex and nearly all my friends drink :icon_confused:
  19. zarddeath200

    zarddeath200 Guest

    I am a freshie in high school, and gawd, talk about sex is commonplace at my school. Now, this is people anywhere from age 13- about 18, and I can say about 300 different instances of sex, in only the 50-60 people I know/talk of/about. Now, normally it is the 10-15 people who have sex, over and over and over again, but still, you would think that there wold be a bunch of babies, right...especially since I am in one of the better groups, but in the entire school, of over 1500, there have been 6 babies in the past 4 years, including people who dropped out. I sort of agree with YGP (not because I want to have sex or anything, I am in the states, but most of the rules are the same 16 is consent) because most of the people are mature enough to decide for themselves, and to know how to wear a condom :D. I also think that the law should be it is legal to have sex, as long as both partners are over 16, or both partners are within 2 years of each other, and neither is below 11-12.
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  20. Neither is ABOVE 11-12????