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Come on now bud please enlighten me as to whom you have lead any kind of OP against? let alone a member who has then been overwhelmed by RL issues and gone inactive because of it.... for the life of me i cant remember anyone mentioning a load of Fish attacks incoming and your stats don't provide me any clues either :icon_rolleyes:
To which you replied....

Do you guys not remember splodger whining for support? If I remember rightly you sent all of mbigs support to his villages :L
Also, no-where did I say that this was about splodger, seeing as he was mentioned after the statement you have used. ;)
So i apologize if i mistakenly thought your reply indicated Splodger as your answer to my question but.. erm.. it was your answer, so yes you did mention splodger in fact he is the only one you have put forward and as i've said.. he hasn't done bad against your "school of fish or pod of killer whales" attacks you so famously send :icon_rolleyes:


I had to as my head was spinning. I think I could have continued if I had a co, but I have always played solo. Not going to make the excuses of RL, just couldn't handle the 400 to 500 worth of attacks incoming from Cruz and Kevinsudd and Fish for more than a week. I believe my ODD kept rising after the first seven days so there were still troops to kill.
Well I am rested and I see there are very few troops so I will see if I can make you earn a few villages again. :icon_wink:

I love astro xD