Let's make a slightly competitive non-P2W world.

I am Shifty

Hey all.

I've made a group chat, on Skype, of all people I feel might be interested in joining this. If you are interested after reading this post then add my Skype and I'll get you in the chat.

Basically, the game is dying. Well.. It is dead and has been dying for years.
It's incredibly uncompetitive. It's very dull. There seems to only be family tribes.. People only playing with their close friends.. Nobody challenging for the higher ranks. People spending huge on P2W features, making it boring for those who cannot afford such luxuries. These have all been issues progressively getting worse and worse.

Well, the idea of this group chat in Skype, is to bring back a more competitive world that will be non-P2W.
We're trying to gain popularity with it and hopefully we can make a world very exciting and fun. Just one final one would be fantastic. It'd make a nice change from the bog standard flat, repetitive worlds.

Hopefully we can gain 20-40 accounts and then split up into the 4 Ks, all different tribes and make it a constant battle from the beginning to the end.
A dream would be 100~ accounts to join in, where we can then have 10 decent tribes spread amongst the world (it's very likely to be a low tribe member limit setting).

We will be hosting this on the Classic server. It will be very likely to be mid October.

Potentially we could message moderators and get them on board to deliver us some very good settings to improve the competitiveness and make sure the majority gets what they want. I don't see why they wouldn't be on board with that if it brings a spark of popularity back for one world.

If you are interested in such a thing, add me on Skype.
owilliam. with the dot.