Looking at Co-Play, 8+ years past worlds


Good evening people

My name is Stefan and I thank you for your time in looking at this.

I last played TW on Net on World 73, however it was 4 years ago. The wife at time said TW or her. She has gone now, so I am back. I also played US and CZ.

Most of my past worlds I got to between 200 and 1000 cities, I have seen the world is getting smaller but I still think I would do well.

After my break now I am looking at jumping on to an account far into a world. It nice to not have to worry about hiding tw from the ex wife too :D:D:D

I can do all the skills on tw, although English not my best talk i can speak it.

I been trying worlds recent, and like how this one is going so want to play this one.

Do get in touch on this page or message me. I have Skype, but only if i know you.